favorite’s favorite pt.2 [closed!]

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Jill Nystul // @jillsgoodthings

We got incredibly lucky to spend several months under Jill’s mighty wing as we launched this blog. Jill of One Good Thing by Jillee is a phenomenon to say the least, with several million readers and an archive that would make Martha Stewart feel inadequate. Jill is the hardest working blogger in the biz and we’ve learned so much from her this year!

Blendtec Blender :: $450

“I have milkshake loving boys in my house and my Blendtec makes quick work of our favorite Oreo shakes. But it goes well beyond milkshakes and has been a great multi-tasker in my kitchen. I’ve made everything from smoothies, to mayonnaise, almond butter, and even homemade paper!

Brooke White // @realbrookewhite

We could tell you the long and amazing story of serendipity that brought us to Brooke last year for this film. Simply put it was made to be, and after watching Brooke in her home with her Londy-Loo we will never forget how she made us feel, and how inspired we came away from our time together. Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Girl with Glasses, she’s one in a million!

Aden and Anais  Dream Sleep Sack :: $40

“I’m still using these with London, they are the best!”

Kirsten Krason // @kirstenkrason

A few days after our launch, Kirsten of 6th Street Design School sent us the most darling care package welcoming us to the blogging fold. Ever since we’ve had more than a few occasions that left us with dropped jaws at how classy Kirsten is and vowing to be more like her.

Land of Nod Kitchen Set :: $250

“My kids are obsessed with this kitchen set from Land of Nod. Jane will open and close the doors all day long and Jett loves to pretend to bake and cook for his sister. Any product that can provide hours of entertainment for my children is a lifesaver for me!”

Emily Jackson // @emilyijackson

Emily started her fashion blog around the same time as us and it’s been so exciting watching her sky-rocket. If you need inspiration for timeless, easy, but sophisticated fashion she’s your girl.

Little Giraffe Chenille Blanket : $65

“This is Capri’s favorite blankey. It goes everywhere with us. It has stayed in perfect condition after excessive use and multiple washes! It’s just about the softest thing I have ever felt!”

Karlee, Blair and Kami of Brickyard Buffalo // @brickyardbuffalo

One thing we’ve learned to value especially this last year is loyalty. It’s hard to come by in business, but we are absolutely blessed to have these girls in our corner. Every so often we get together for a meal and share ideas, and problem solve, and brainstorm together. Each of us sees a little bit of ourselves in them and it’s been so rewarding to share our first years together!

Freshly Picked Moccasins  :: $60

“We have more than a little crush on Freshly Picked moccs.  They are incredibly durable and easily stay on our kids’ feet. Plus, the colors they come in make us swoon.  Add in the fact that a favorite girlfriend makes them and we are sold!

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522 thoughts on “favorite’s favorite pt.2 [closed!]”

  1. My favorite friend is Sara…she has been through it all with me, she is so supportive, reassuring and never judges. She loves my kids as if they were her own…she’s amazing.
    Just in case, I follow you on twitter (@kate2326), Pinterest (kate2326), Instagram (kate2326) and FB.

  2. My favorite friend is my favorite in part because she’s a creature of habit like me… we go together to the same brunch/dinner place every week, order our usual orders, and sit at the same table every time.

  3. My favorite friend is Jen. We met while working together and it was an instant connection. She is an amazing friend, wife and mother and I admire her. She challenges me, makes me laugh and gets my jokes. I love her to death.

  4. My favorite friend is Erin. She and I are so alike and we always have the best time hanging out together. Sadly, she just moved to NYC for her job, so we’re now across the country from each other 🙁

  5. My favorite friend has been my partner in crime since our single days and thru all of our seasons of change we’ve always helped each other thru! Now she’s a new momma and I’m on number 2 and the adventure continues.

  6. Oh my goodness that little kitchen is darling! My favorite friend is Rebecca who always responds to texts no matter the hour and is such a kind listener.

  7. My favorite friend, where to begin? We have been through it all together, ups and downs, highs and lows. We are cut from the same cloth so to speak. There is nothing we do not share with one another, sisters from another mother. We have be friends for sixteen years and we currently live in different countries but that does not stop us, Skype and the internet keep our friendship going on and on as well as care packages 🙂 My dear friend Sarah you are my best friend forever and ever!!!!

    I will only enter once, if I win that is fabulous but having Sarah as my friend I am already a winner!!!!

  8. My favorite friend (though I have many) is my BFF Rachel. We’ve been through literally everything together, and I can’t wait until one day when we can be neighbors and raise our kiddos together. (Disclaimer: my husband is also my BFF but that doesn’t count for a question like this). And I follow you guys on everything already 🙂

  9. My favorite friend is my cousin Kelly. She lives 50 feet away from me and we welcomed our first little a month apart. Her kindness and patience is overwhelming and she has been a true loyal friend –from party prep to venting sessions. I follow you on IG and Pinterest. Congratulations on one year!

  10. My favorite friend is Niki. We have been best friends for 18 years despite living 4 hours apart from each other. We have stayed by each others side through school, loves and losses, marriage, children, cancer, and multiple surgeries. No matter the circumstance, we are always there for each other. Always.
    I follow on Twitter (xohousewife), Pinterest (XOHousewife), Instagram (thewannabehousewife), and Facebook (Jennifer Holland Marcum).
    Thank you for hosting such amazing giveaways!

  11. my favorite friends are my sisters! they drive me crazy sometimes, but there is nothing like having three sisters to call your very best friends.

  12. Pinned, IG’ed,tweeted & facebooked! My favorite friend is Laura Luna, she makes me laugh, I can tell her anything, she is my sister wife (not really) but we joke that she’s the second mom to my kids. I just love her so much. And appreciate all she does and how she’s always there for me. Oh and our boys are BFF’s

  13. My favorite friend was my first friend when my husband and I relocated cross-country to Boston. She took me under her wing, invited us out every weekend, included me as though we’d been friends for years. Two moves later, and she still never forgets a birthday, Mother’s Day, or holiday–always pops a card in the mail or calls to let me know she’s thinking of me…

  14. My favorite friend is Kimberly. We have been friends for 22 years! She is currently 22 weeks pregnant with her first baby and I am dying to get her some Freshly Picked baby moccs!

  15. My favorite friend is Tara. I’ve known her since we were freshmen in high school (almost 20 years ago), and she is the warmest and most creative person I know. She is an amazing mother, and leads by example. If I can be half as giving and lovely as her, I would be alright.

  16. I love all these products! My favorite friend is my husband. He is my best friend and always there when I need him most.

    I don’t have twitter, so I can’t follow you there, but I follow you on everything else.

  17. My favorite friend is my cousin, Rachel. We are 4 months apart in age, and have always been joined at the hip. We love the same things, and now have boys 12 weeks apart. I could never replace her!

  18. My favorite friend is Tori. She and I have always been there for each other without jealousy or competition. We celebrate each other’s victories and console one another during tough times. It is such a blessing to have a friend in life to whom you can truly be yourself…. and have a good laugh while doing it!

  19. From the time Carrie’s father came to pastor our church (we were 14) we have been developing our lifelong, steadfast friendship. Twenty-five years later, our bond is stronger than it has ever been, despite living more than 800 miles apart. She is my confidant, my encourager, and my dearest friend. She has the voice of an angel, and when I need reminding of who I am and all I can be, I listen to her music. She points me True North, and I am home again.

  20. My fave friend lives across the country from me. We are different in almost every way, but she pulls me out if my comfort zone.

  21. My favorite friend is my biggest supporter and encourager. She has been there in times of celebration and times of sorrow. She will drop anything at any time to help, and she does it wit love and joy. We have so much fun together- from camping trips, the lake, massages, trips to Palm Springs, etc. We love shop and go to fun places for dinner, but are just as happy talking on the phone or taking out kids to the park! She’s the best!!

    P.S. I’m following you on Pinterest and Instagram, but don’t have Facebook or Twitter accounts:(

  22. My favorite friend I met 13 years ago my senior year of high school in Honolulu, HI. We have been “soul sistas” ever since, even though we live miles and miles apart. She has gotten me through every hardship in my life and continues to stand by me. I love her.

  23. My favorite friend (Alexis) makes me laugh constantly and she’s one of those where we can go months without talking and still catch right up where we left off. She will be moving to England in a few months 🙁 But I’ve got her for a little while longer!

  24. My favorite friend is my best friend CC. We met in 2nd grade and still talk on the phone at least once a week. She may be 1,000 miles away, but we still keep in touch.

  25. My favorite friend is most definitely my husband. The last 6 years have been crazy ones, but we have weathered every storm and celebrated much joy together. At the end of the day, he is always my favorite.

  26. My favorite friend is my sister. She is the strongest yet the most nurturing person I know. She is a mother to a 3 year old and has one on the way!

  27. Following All! And my fave friend is my girl Jess. She is just the best. Better than all the rest. Better than anyone. 😉 She really is ALWAYS there for me when I need a good ear…and she truly listens. Plus she’s got talent comin’ out of her…well, everywhere! 🙂

  28. My favorite friend is Leah k. We became first time moms only months apart and it’s been so refreshing to have someone to walk through this new journey with. It’s awesome that our boys can play together and we can constantly get advice, vent, and laugh together. It’s so nice to have someone who just “gets it”. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her over these last 2 years.

  29. My favorite friend is a mix of 3 (if that’s ok???). I love all 3 with all my heart and they are all special to me in their own ways. Melissa is my oldest friend and the closest thing i have to a big sister. Shalea is my soul mate and the person that is the most in tune with me, its really weird. Lindsay is by far my sweetest friend and just had her second baby girl (ahem, 11 pounds people!) and i would love to share some of these things with her.

    xo Lissa

  30. Liked all! My favorite friend is my best friend of 9 years. We have been Inseparable for two of those and they have been the best years so far. He’s always there for me, pushing me to become a better person and excel in my talents. I can’t even picture my life without my best friend.

  31. i have too many favorite friends! but my friends natalie and lauren saved me from a sad time of life when i moved to a new city with a new job and new people, and i just happened to move in with them and we became soul sistas.

  32. My favorite friends are definitely my two sisters. I always enjoy spending time with them, and no one gets me like they do.

  33. My favorite friend is my mom! She is amazing! My biggest supporter, shoulder to lean on, and of course the best marathon running partner in the world!! <3

  34. I am following all. My best friend is my husband. I can tell him anything! I don’t know what I would do without him. Happy birthday. Thanks for the giveaway.

  35. My favorite friend is Brooke, we grew up together and always have been super close. We even married brothers! We can’t get enough of each other, she’s the best!

  36. Choosing a favorite friend is tough when you love all your friends for different reasons. But I think I would have to say my friend Kathryn is a special friend to me. Anytime something happens in life one of the first people I talk to is her.
    Following on insta, FB, twitter and Pinterest also.

  37. My favorite friend is absolutely my husband. We were friends long before we started dating and the friendship just continues to grow.

  38. Oh, its so hard to narrow it down to one favorite friend! All of my besties are my favorite for different reasons…Char is my best mama friend, she is my sounding board for life and the first person I go to for advice. Jaime and Rachel are my forever friends, we went through our party days together and now that we live in different states, we love each other more than ever!

  39. My favorite friend is also my little sis 🙂 even though we are several years apart in age, we are close and can count on each other for anything!

  40. My favorite friend is Briana. We’ve been best friends for 24 years, since we were 2 and 3 years old, and she has never left my side. She’s been there through boyfriends, breakups, the death of my father, and the birth of my children. She is my children’s Godmother and now my oldest son’s 2nd grade teacher! She’s more than just my friend, she’s like my sister and I couldn’t imagine life without her!

  41. I had to stop and watch Brooke’s video again. I remember when I first watched it, right around the time I started following you ladies, I had to download the song and to this day I still sing it to my little. This song brings back so many memories of my son being a newborn and I thanks you for that! As for my best friend, I’d have to say its my sister. We fought like cats and dogs for a good 18+ years but after having my son I’d say she’s my best friend! We talk everyday even though we are miles away. Keep up the awesome work ladies you are truly an inspiration to me!

  42. Tweeted, and followed all!!!
    My best friend is my mom. She brings so much happiness to my life and is the best grandma to my little “small fry” Crew who is just 2 months old.
    Love the blog. Happy Anni!

  43. My fave friend and I can go for months without talking and we never miss a beat. If I need her she is there, she’ll drop everything.

  44. My favorite friend is my dear Kerianne. We are so alike and understand one another so well. I can call her about anything and she totally understands how I am feeling because she thinks the same. I don’t know what I would ever do without her dear friendship. Funny story of how we met. She use to date my husband in high school. We found out she was joining us on a humanitarian mission to Kenya. I was kinda bugged about it all. Anyway, my husband kept saying id love her because we are ao alike and have so much in comman. On the mission I just had the best time with her and she has been my inseparable side kick and favorite friend since.

  45. My favorite friend is Jina, because she listens, but doesn’t just tell me what I want to hear. She tells me what I need to hear. She’s good at giving me a kick in the pants when I’m being silly about something.

  46. My fav friend is my son Zane. He is such a sweetheart and he’s so funny. I love spending all my time with him! Mommy and me time is the best!

  47. My favorite friend is without a doubt, my husband. He listens, he cares more for me than anyone else, and supports me to the end of the world.

  48. I have never been more grateful for my best girlfriends than I have this past year. My little brother passed away unexpectedly last summer, and then two days later my husband and I found out we were expecting, after trying for almost a year. My two best friends flew 1/2 across the county to the Midwest (one from NY, the other from Denver) to be here with me for my brothers funeral. They cried with me and cooked for me and carried me through that week. Six months later they returned to make sure I had the best baby shower a girl could ask for. I am blessed to call them my best friends.

  49. My favorite friend is my sister! Sisters are the greatest best friends because they share memories with you as long as you can remember! AND she makes me laugh until I cry! 🙂

  50. My favorite friend is my little sister Andi. She is beautiful, talented, creative and tons of fun. Follow you on facebook, pinterest and instagram.

  51. gotta be honest and say my favorite and bestest friend is my husband!! when we 1st met 11 yrs ago in college, we’d stay up all night talking about life, philosophical topics, etc…so happy that none of that has changed. we could literally snuggle and chat until the sun comes up. except now we have to be up earlier with our baby boy!!

  52. My favorite friend is my husband. W have been together for 10 years and have had many ups and downs. He is always there when I need him!

  53. My favorite friend is Megan. We met our freshman year of college and have been BFF’s ever since. Now we are married and having babies- each stage of life together is just getting more and more fun!

  54. My best Friend apart from my mother and husband is Nicole, we are so similar in a lot of ways… we love food, cooking, family and doing stuff with our children. We are laid back, love to shop and just have fun. She’s probably the first and only person I’ve been able to connect with since I moved here to be with my husband.

  55. My favorite friend is Ruthie- she is the most giving, loyal and caring friend a girl could ask for. She would give you the shirt off her back and her shoes too (she has the cutest shoes). 🙂 I follow you on Instagram.

  56. My best friend would have to be my sister-in-law Bethany. Over the years we have become so close and I am so thankful for her in my life!

  57. Hmm..my favorite friend…I’d have to say it’s my group of friends, we always all hang out together, we “get” eachother, we’ve been through a lot, even traveling to Africa 🙂 I just love my group 🙂

  58. My favorite friend is my sister. I can tell her anything and we can laugh about anything. We can be goofy and we can be serious. She knows me better than anyone else!

  59. Posted on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook! My favorite friend is @jillsgoodthings ! That blendtec would be amazing 🙂

  60. I follow your pages.
    Twitter- @green_twiggy
    Facebook- Tannis Wiebe
    Pinterest- greentwiggy
    Instagram- green_twiggy (private account)
    My favorite friend is my sis. Someone who’s been there forme through the good times and the bad.

  61. My friend Charlee. She lives in UT and I live in CA now and I miss her terribly. I am so grateful for FB, IG, and Skype so we can still see each other even though we are miles apart. I follow all your accounts.

  62. following all the social media sites.
    and my favorite friend is my best friend lauren. we became friends in 7th grade and have been friends since. going on almost 11 years. she is my daughters godmother and one of the most amazing people i know. she has always been there for me. we’ve been through lots of ups and downs, but even still im not sure how i would make it without her.

  63. My sweet friend Ralphie is always the first to welcome new people to the neighborhood, hold a crying baby, and invite you over for dinner. I constantly admire her. And now it’s breaking my heart that I moved half a continent away from her, just weeks before she announced she is pregnant again.

  64. I follow you on all social media that you listed! My favorite friend is Jen — she is always there for a laugh, a shoulder to cry on and a good restaurant recommendation!

  65. That’s what I love about your blog: seeing the friends you have in each other. My favorite friend is the first (only) man I’ve dated since my transition into single parenthood: he knows me sincerely because he asks deep questions and listens well, follows up often, joins on adventures and wants the same kind of good life (from camper vans and modern spaces to living whole-heartedly). [I follow SF on all venues.]

  66. My favorite friend is my little gal that hangs out with me all day. She loves to help me clean the house, fold the laundry and go for walks. Figuring out what she’s trying to tell me in our conversations is pretty fun too!

  67. I’m 37.5 weeks pregnant and spend a good part of my year on the other side of the world (in the Philippines). My friend “Momo” has been an endless source of entertainment through this pregnancy, always leaving the quirkiest of Viber messages and responding to my questions all hours of the day or night. I couldn’t have gotten this far without her.

  68. My favorite friend is my mom. We are the only two girls in a family of 9 boy/men. Its nice to have someone who gets it and will watch and old musical with me instead of the football game or go shopping just for fun instead of for something specific. I can’t imagine not having her in my life.

  69. Hm, my favorite friend would be my friend Lauren, whom I’ve known since 7th grade (over 15years). No matter how much time passes between our visits, it’s ‘just like old times.’

  70. Following 🙂 My favorite friend is my little sister. We can talk about ANYTHING! And she is always there to help me when I really need it!

  71. Hello,
    Thank you for these generious giveaway;).
    My favorite friend is my lovely Mother because shes always there when I need her, she gives me a lot of advice and the best part I love her with all my heart:). Shes the only person that I can trust.

  72. My favorite friend – lots to choose from, but I have to go with my husband. Makes me laugh, always cheers me up when I need it, my favorite person to be around!

  73. My best friend is Tiffany! We have been through so much together! She is the best friend anyone could ask for! She will listen and not judge! She will drop anything in a second to help you and she is a busy mom with 4 kids under 4 years of age! I love our fun play dates together!

  74. My favorite friend, as cliche as it is, is my sister. We really have been great friends our entire lives. She is beyond amazing and one of those people you just crave to be friends with.

  75. my favorite friend befriended me my sophomore year at a new school. she’s absolutely trustworthy and always has my best interest at heart. loved by all…i’ve been lucky to stay close to her for 16 years.

  76. Fav friend: my amazing sister in law! She’s a one in a million! I’m lucky to actually like my in laws!

    shared via IG @a9orjuschlck14.

  77. My favorite friend is my younger sister:) We are practically twins – only a year apart! We tell each other everything and I’m lucky to have such a wonderful friend.

  78. finding a “favorite” friend is a hard. most friends we make are great, but being able to find one that you just click with makes all the difference. my favorite has been my favorite for nearly ten years now. her name is disney (yes, really). she is the most kind, genuine person i have ever met. i could write a book about all the things i love about her. we live on different sides of the country now, but she will always always be close to my heart.

  79. A little cliche but my favorite friend is most definitely my husband. He has seen the best and worst of me and loved me through it all!

  80. i’m a follower everywhere and i love small fry! my favorite friend is my husband. he makes me happy all the time, he’s so easy to be with.

  81. My favorite friend has to be my sweet mom. She’s the best in so many ways and I can’t imagine getting through my days without her. She’d be my friend, even if she wasn’t my mom. This I know!

  82. My favorite friend is my husband. I tell him everything even my girly gossip that he doesn’t want to hear. he’s my whole world!

  83. I love everything about Small Fry! You ladies are amazing! My favorite friend would be my friend Bailey. We have been friends since freshman year in High School. We’ve been part of each other’s ups and downs. These giveaways would be so amazing for my little guy.

  84. My favorite friend is Kimberly. Although we are very different we get along so good. She makes me laugh, is caring, understanding and loving. I feel like I can talk to her about anything and everything and she would never judge me, instead she would always be willing to help. The true kind of friendship i will cherish forever.

    Following on twitter (@swtserendipityy) Insta (ana_sweetserendipity) Pinterest (Ana SweetSerendipityBlog) and Facebook (Ana Souza)

    Thanks for hosting the awesome giveaway!! 🙂

  85. My favorite friend and I grew up together since birth. Our parents met while they were pregnant and learned that they had both decided to name their daughters Sarah. They became best friends and Sarah and I became best friends! Now we are both all grown up and still besties! She just had a baby! 🙂

  86. My favorite friend is my bestie Juli. No one on this planet is my match like she is. From decorating, to shopping to home decor we have similar style. Which is great, but to also have someone who understands your sense of humor and a love for the same things in life that you do is hard to find. Unfortunately after we graduated college we’ve yet to live in the same state as each other. But we are always texting pictures to each other of what outfits we should wear in our family pictures or ridiculously hilarious things we hear throughout the day or spiritually uplifting quotes. She is also an awesome mom who inspires me to be a better mom.

    She really is the whole package as far as friends go and irreplaceable. Trust me I’ve tried and no one plays the role as my best friend as well as she does.

  87. I can’t pick just one, my husband, my sister, my mom, my college roommates from years ago. My life is richer because of positive influences like them.

  88. My favorite friend is Ruby my 22 month little girl. You may think I’m crazy and need some adult time (maybe you’re right) however I’m better because of her and i miss her every second she’s not by my side.

  89. My favorite friend is my husband; he’s the type of man I always hoped I’d be worthy enough to marry. He loves me for me and always will!

  90. LOVE this, happy birthday SF! My favorite friends are my sisters, and my cousins- we’re lucky to have grown up so close! Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

  91. Though it may sound cliche, my closet friend is my husband. I definitely married up, and knowing I have him to support me and our children throughout life gives me much strength and comfort. I believe the world is a much better place with my sweetie 🙂

  92. following you on everything.
    my best friend is my husband….the person i can totally be myself around! and i know he will love me no matter what 🙂

  93. My favorite friend is my little sister. We are 18 months apart and didn’t get along AT ALL until we were in college. I couldn’t imagine not having her in my life. She is my shoulder to cry on but is also my biggest cheerleader! Always with me in whatever life choices I decide to make (as am I with her). Thank goodness for little sisters!!

    Also my husband and daughter. Couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life loving anybody else but these two amazing people!

  94. My favorite friend is my husband. We literally have so much in common, including our 4 kids, ha ha. He’s a wonderful passionate man and does everything for us. We love cooking, working out and playing with our children. He’s the only true friend I’ll ever need 🙂

  95. My favorite friend is Sabrina. We both ended up in a small town our husbands grew up in. Being away from our families is hard but we’ve been able to rely on one another and have become the closest of friends! Luff her!

  96. Love my two fav friends Erna and Brittany. What would I do without them? Not sure. But they get me like most don’t. Small Fry Blog is a close second. 😉

  97. I’ve known my 2 besties since elementary. They know me like no one else. They “get” me and all my quirks and share my twisted sense of humor. We are so similar and so completely different, that I couldn’t imagine it any better. We’ve seen one another through it all and have always found a way to laugh (eventually) about whatever life has thrown at us. They are more than my friends…they are my sisters. There is something to be said of friendships that have lasted a lifetime. From childhood to motherhood, I can’t imagine life without them.

  98. My favorite friend is my roomie from college. We’ve been best friends for 9 years now and although we don’t live close anymore she’s still my fave and always will be!

  99. My favorite friend… Really the answer to this question isn’t entirely easy for I love each friend dearly in each specific way. Ultimately, my “favorite” friend must be my Husband. We grow with each other, through each other, and for each other. There may be times I question my favoritism toward him but, those times quickly vanish and I long only for extra minutes in my days to be loved by him. We have a 13 month old daughter whom of which reminds me daily of my Favorite Friend.

  100. My favorite friends Becky and Angela continuously make me laugh,keep things real and are just plain awesome. I have known them forever and they have gone through all my ups and downs with me and are still there for it all. I don’t think I could live without the girls, they keep me sane! 🙂

  101. My closest friend is my sister in law, Ashley. She denies it because she says I have so many friends. But she is the person I trust most in my life. She is also the most generous person I know. She would do anything for me.

  102. My favourite friend is probably my twin brother! We’re exact opposites in so many ways but eerily alike in others. Always makes for an awesome time!

  103. My favorite friend is my husband, Zackery. We’ve been best friends since we were 14 and he is the most beautiful person I know. God has blessed me so.

  104. my favorite friend is my little girl, Charlotte. I have many girlfriends that I love spending time with and sharing life with. I have a wonderful husband who is my best friend…but I love watching my little girl explore and learn the world. From reading, to playing in tents, or helping mommy cook dinner-everything is fun and exciting through her eyes. And the Land of Nod play kitchen would only make my favorite little friends days so much more fun!

  105. Following you on fb, twitter, insta, and pinterest! My favorite friend would be my mama! I only see her about 5 or so times a year because we live so far apart but we talk everyday! She is the best mama and mimi for my little guy that I could ask for! Great giveaway! Fingers crossed!

  106. My BFF is Courtney, she has been my best friend since 7th grade, and has continued to stay close after my may moves around the world. We go to lunch every time I am back in our hometown, and we are always available for late night vent sessions.

  107. I am so lucky to have a few best friends…all from different stages in my life who have helped shape me into the person I am today. They have all stuck by me through thick and thin, through the great times and yucky times…they are my ray of sunshine and push me to be the best I can be! I love them dearly and hope I am half the friend they are to me!
    Following all of your pages!
    IG- @calliebowers
    FB – calliecbowers
    Twitter – @bringonthenews
    Pinterest – callieabowers

    Happy Birthday cute girls! xo

  108. My favorite friend is my mom, she has been there for me unconditionally through thick and thin. She’s taught me what it’s like to be a great mom through her selflessness and love. <3

  109. My favorite friends is my little man, Cal. He’s been such a gift to me. His happiness and unconditional love are exactly what I needed in my life. Plus, he made me a mom, which is my favorite job.

  110. Without a doubt, my all time favorite friend would be my eternal companion. The person who gave me wonderful and beautiful children whom I love cherish and adore. Nothing is more rewarding than being a parent. Thanks for such an inspirational blog.

  111. My favorite friends are my TWO sisters! Just like the song from White Christmas, “Lord bless the mister who comes between me and my sister….” We’ve been through it all and are always there for each other!

  112. my favorite friend is my best friend since 7th grade. we hated each other in elementary, then came together by forming a group called the “disco doodas”. we’ve spent most of our friendship long distance, she left to boston to study ballet, then when she returned, I went off to college. it’s gone back and forth like that for 7 years, but whenever we are together, it’s like we were never apart. we inspire each other and talk about literally everything.

  113. I follow Small Fry on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.
    My favorite friend has been my best friend since we were 15 yrs old. We’ve been by each other’s side through thick and thin. No matter how many miles we are apart, we both know either of us would drop anything and be there for the other. She is one of the biggest blessings in my ife.

  114. My favorite friend is my husband. We got married when we were 19 and 20 and just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary this past December. We have two beautiful daughters ages 3 years and 10 months old.

  115. My favorite friend is by far my husband, Jeremy. I can’t imagine anyone being more of a friend to me than he is. We started out as best friends before we were ever romantic. He is a gem, and my life has been forever changed having been given the gift of him. I love him with all that I am.

    1. Forgot to say that Husband is my best human friend (we just got married on July 13th of this year, so we’re newly weds!) Our little poodle, Zoey, is my best four legged friend. She’s the best!

  116. My favorite (girl)friend is Liesl. She is super cool and sweet and we’ve been conspiring for my son to marry one of her daughters since birth. 🙂

  117. Follow on Pinterest, twitter and Facebook.

    My favorite friend is my Husband because he is the only person that truly understands me.

  118. My favorite friend always inspires me & is so selfless! I’m so lucky to have her in my life & I love her!
    Such an awesome list of favorites!

  119. My favorite friend…. my husband.
    He snores too loud, complains that I stay up too late and gets mad when he’s off to work and I’m still sleeping. BUT he takes on big projects for me, even though he’d rather not, he tells me when I’ve had too much sriracha and my breathe isn’t so hot smelling and he always kissing me goodnight and good morning regardless. <3

  120. First, I admire how you are doing this giveaway. My favorite friend changes just as the seasons. Right now, my husband is my absolute favorite friend. He gets me, loves me and is the most amazing father. He is a partner and we laugh our way through it all.

  121. Lets be honest…who doesn’t love brooke white. Aden and Anias as well. How lucky would this be?! Hope to win! Following you on all social media sites 🙂

  122. My favorite friend is my sister Janeth. We are only two years apart which makes our likes/dislikes pretty similar. This giveaway is amazing!!

  123. My favorite friend is my sister-in-law. She is definitely the sister I never had! We can talk about anything, she gives me great advice and always listens. So sad she lives across the country 🙁

  124. Mine would be Candice. I just meet her after my baby, but she became a close friend quickly. Helped me through my first year as I struggled to figure out how to raise a baby. She’s one of those girls that you can joke with and send a silly selfie and I’m grateful she’s in my life!

  125. Have to get mushy, friend, it’s the husband. He is amazing in every possible way and we have two littles together. Follow y’all every legal way possible;)

  126. (I follow you on all the outlets.) My favorite friend is Erin! She is the best listener, asks the most insightful questions, and I LOVE talking to her and having fun together.

  127. My best friend is my main squeeze. That man can help me through anything. I love how I can tell him anything and how he is our family’s cheerleader and support.

  128. I don’t have “a” favorite but my oldest and dearest friend Marci. We’ve been through high school drama, college roommates, engagements, weddings, losing a parent, having babies, moves, autism, and lots and lots of laughs. We know what we think by just making eye contact… That doesn’t happen with just anyone.

  129. My favorite friend changes. Sometimes its a chocolate chip cookie, the next its my new pair of shoes or a recently bought lipstick color. Jk im supes in love with my hot husband. He is delightful.

  130. Follow on IG and just started on fb as well!

    My fav friends are ones that understand as a mom of three they have to be a low maintenance friend! 😉

  131. My favorite friend is my best friend Jaz. She is that person that just gets me. She truly is one of the most selfless people I have ever met.

  132. My favorite and best friend is my sister when we were younger we never got along and since becoming mothers we’ve become the best of friends I can tell her everything and no I will not be judged she’s is such a great mother will do anything for her children or mine !! 🙂

  133. As an only child, my favorite friend was more of a blessing & more like a sister! Besties for 26 years (since age 4!) no one can take her place 🙂

  134. Cheesy fact #1: my favorite friend is definitely my momma. My mom is the strongest and most beautiful person I know. As a small business owner, I take a lot of direction from my mom since she was once on the same path I’m on now. We share everything together including our ups and downs. As a mom, she is my number one fan. As my best friend, she is my most honest and truthful critic. I love her to pieces!

  135. My favorite friend is Audrey. We both are pregnant at the same time and really have been able to bond thru this experience. I have known her for 5 years and we will forever be friends!

  136. My favorite friend is my little boy. He is 20 months and he makes everything more fun. He would love to play with the toy kitchen and all the other goodies.

  137. Bestfriend you say? Easy, my bestie Alejandra is truly a one of a kind girl! Even though after high school we chose two different paths, me having kids, and her going off to college we both don’t let that stop our friendship. Sometimes we are both so busy we don’t talk for weeks, maybe even a month but as soon as one of us needs an ear to vent to the other is ALWAYS there. During this past summer she even baby sat my kids while me and my fiancé went and saw a movie. Idk about you but what other 23 year old gives up a Saturday night to watch a two year old and a 5 month old for free?! Sound like I need to keep her around forever! 🙂

  138. Following on all the above mentioned channels. Favorite friend (besides the obvious – husband, mother, sister) is positive, down to earth, a great mom, creative, and always putting others above herself.

  139. And my fav friends would have to be my sisters. We’ve been through thick and thin and I know that they will always be there to support me when needed (and I will happily do the same!)

  140. My favorite friend is Ann who has become like a sister to me over the years. We see eye to eye on most everything and it’s always so refreshing/calming chatting with her even though we live far, far away!

    I already follow you on FB & Instagram…I just posted this up on my FB page and my Instagram page. @samanthahuddleston. Thanks for this great prize package!

  141. Favorite friends seem harder to come by as I get older. This is why I feel so lucky to have met & instantly connected with Jen. She’s a beautiful soul inside & out. She makes this world better for all of us.

  142. My mom always said you are lucky if you can count your friends on one hand…. Therefore mom your my favorite friend. Best giveaway ever.

  143. My little sister has become my favorite (girl) friend. She always sees the heart behind it all and loves through and through. The best gift she gave was fly all the way from our home in scandinavia and visit me and my 1 week old baby in california (husband was out of town for work). She cooked for me, held and admired my baby, helped in middle of the night and cried and laugh with me. I think back on it so often. I’m so thankful for her.

  144. My favorite friend is my sister Erin. We have had some amazing adventures together and suffered some great losses. We stepped up as care takers for my mother when she was diagnosed with brain cancer for the second time. We spent everyday together at my parents house switching off caring for our mother and our children. Those were some of the best and worst days of my life. I know I couldn’t have done it on my own. We strive off of each others strengths and help each other when the other is feeling weak.

  145. My favorite friend lives 2 hours away from me and even though we don’t see each other much we have managed to stay as close as we have always been. Long distance friendship for over 6 years now:(

  146. I have two favorite friends–they come as a package deal. We rarely hang out without the third person–it just doesn’t feel complete. Anyway, I love them b/c we can talk about anything and everything and we always have fun. No matter where we are or what we are doing.

  147. My favorite friend lives over 2000 miles away 🙁 We talk on the phone every few weeks but it’s just not the same~ Miss her!!
    @lynnlynnbobin, twitter
    Lynn B, FB
    /lynnb83 Pinterest
    No insta 🙁

  148. My favorite friend is my sister! She is funny, smart, and supportive. Just wish she lived next door and not 3 hours away!!

  149. My favorite friend is my son. He is always fun and always caring. He hugs me when I need it and he shares his food with me. What’s not to love about that?

  150. My favorite friend is my hubby. We’ve been through a lot together but he is the best! And now we have an awesome little man. What could be better?

  151. My favorite friend is my bestie here in NC- we are actually very distant not really cousins, if that makes sense…which I know it doesn’t. 😉 We used to see each other when we were little, but didn’t really have a friendship. As newlyweds we both moved to Charlotte (not knowing we both had)…and soon after we found out and started hanging out. She’s not my best friend! I feel so blessed to have a mama friend that gets me. It’s such a small world too! Cheers.

  152. I am officially following on IG, Pinterest and Twitter (I don’t have Facebook, so I’m hoping that doesn’t disqualify me from winning these AWESOME prizes!).

    My favorite friends are my two sisters. We all live in different parts of the country now, but we talk on the phone constantly and I would be lost without them!

  153. My husband is my best friend. We are very compatible and were best friends before we got married.
    I already follow everything.
    I would kill for that land of nod kitchen!

  154. Following on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. My favorite friend is my sister in law – we really get along and have a lot in common. Love her!

  155. My favorite friend is my mom! She is just the best. 🙂 Following on everything. I would just love that land of nod kitchen or any of it really!

  156. A favorite friend? thats tough! Too many amazing ones. But my husband is at the top of that list right now. When feeling not so good lately he has been there to comfort me!

  157. Followed on FB and Pinterest. I don’t use the other 2. I just had a baby, so friends are kind of MIA. I’d honestly have to say my favorite friend is my daughter Penelope. She can’t talk yet, but she’s still so much fun to be around all the time.

  158. I love you guys! Following you now, on pinterest, insta, and fb! My bestie Chelsea is also my nephew’s wife, so we’re together forever, love her and her little’s. Wish we lived close together.

  159. I have a couple favorite friends- but they all have one thing in common: The relationship is easy and fun with no pretenses and we can pick up right where we left off, even if it’s been years.

  160. My best friend now lives in London (and I live on the West Coast) and I only get to see her maybe once a year. But every time we see each other, its like she never left!

  161. My favorite friend is definitely my husband. The friend I always want to be with and the only friend who is right there with me for every single thing.

  162. My favorite friend is my husband, Colin. We met in high school and were instantly good friends; it took us 7 years to figure out we had become more than best friends but we did and now we have a beautiful son named Connor. I would do anything for them.

  163. My favorite friend is the luv muffin of my life, my sweet heart Greg. He is ALWAYS there for me & the most genuine, honest strong man… plus he’s fun to make out with! Lol) Thanks ladies & HAPPPPPY Birthday! xx

  164. This is a hard one, so I have to say it’s a tie between my mom and husband. They are both goofy and funny make everything better, even mundane, everyday activities. They encourage me to be the best wife, mom, person, etc. and I couldn’t do it without them.

  165. My favorite friend is my sweet 10 year niece Macey! She is going through her second open heart surgery in the last 2 months!! She is the strongest little girl I know!!!! I did all the extra entries as well!

  166. My favorite friend is Brooke White. I love following her blog and girls with glasses show. just so fresh and fun. my gooosssssh I hope i win one of these giveaways. as odds would have it, you probably won’t even see this comment amongst the hundreds of entries, but here’s to crossing fingers and wisssshinnng!

  167. My favorite friends are my sisters and Moms. I have so many I can’t choose one. I am blessed with awesome, powerful, loving women in my life. Follow you on pinterest, instagram, FB

  168. I am following on Instagram and Pinterest (no facebook or twitter). My favorite friend is nicknamed “Bestie”. We always have a good time together and can laugh at the most ridiculous things.

  169. My wonderful friend is my friend Brian. People used to say that we were like brain twins. We would say the same thing or come to the same conclusion simultaneously weirdly often.

    I follow Small Fry on Twitter where I am @AnnaZed, Instagram where I am @margotcore, Pinterest and Facebook as Margot Core.

  170. my favorite friend has been my friend for almost 30 years now! we have been through all our life stages together. today we are moms together and it’s been the best season yet!

  171. My best friend is my daughter she is always there when I need her with a smile and a helping hand she never complains when I ask her to do something for me I read on

  172. My favorite friend is one that I’ve had all my life. We went to elementary and jr. high school with each other and then my family moved and I was devastated. We stayed close though, and roomed together in college even though we went to different schools, then we got married exactly one month apart, to the day! We both have littles now, and we live in separate states which kills me! She is the kindest, motivated, and well put together person I know and I just love her! My two year old would absolutely die for that Land of Nod kitchen set!!!

  173. My favorite friend is my randomly assigned roommate from college. We ended up being roomies for 7 years and are still best friends 10 years later!

  174. My favorite friend can make me want to pull hair out and have me belly roll laughing in the the same 30 seconds! It’s my little man he is my tiny side kick and goes everywhere with me! He has my whole heart!

  175. What great giveaways!!! Oh goodness, I honestly think it’s so hard to choose a favorite friend…. but I think the one that’s stood by my side and loved me know what part of me he’s seen, is my husband, my forever friend.

  176. My best friend is awesome because I know no matter how long it’s been since we’ve talked, it seems like no time has passed at all.

  177. My husband. Does that count? Though friends have come and gone over the years, he is always the one I can count on to finish my sentences, say what I was thinking, and knows what I think and need without my even saying it. I love growing old(er!) with him.

  178. My favorite friend is my mom because she loves me unconditionally, is my best shopping buddy, and sets the most amazing example of what a wife and mother should be.

  179. My favorite friend is my husband. He is so nice and kind
    Follow on Pinterest: pinterest.com/elena8
    Follow on Twitter @ElenaIstomina
    Follow on Instagram: instagram.com/elena1509
    Follow on Facebook as Elena Istomina

  180. my favorite friend is my husband we have so much fun together.
    facebook:lindsey klippenes hart
    instagram:lindsey hart
    pinterest: lindsey hart

  181. My favorite friend is my daughter Ava. We are together all day, everyday and we have such a special bond. I love her to the moon. I entered on Instagram. My account is private and my username is ahogganbyrd. Hope I can win this awesome giveaway:)

  182. They say that a true friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.
    Robyn is that person for me. She takes me and my mohawk muumuu wearing ways and just loves me. Doesn’t try and change me. Her heart is as big as her beautiful smile. She is such a unique loving and caring person!
    FINGERS CROSSED. I have loved this blog for this past year and all that you girls stand for!!!!

  183. I absolutely love this! My fav friend is actually my cousin, Tabitha, who introduced me to your blog! She is a constant inspiration and beautiful inside and out. She makes me feel special everyday, in her support, love and encouragement & we live 2K miles away from each other! She’s more like a sister! I adore her!

    I love following you guys on instagram and pinterest too!

  184. My favorite friend would have to be my sister, Whitney. Not only did we marry brothers, but our kids (double cousins) are the best of friends. It’s an added bonus to be able to have a great friend in you sister!

  185. It’s a tough call but my favorite friend is my husband! He is just such a strong partner and is always in my corner. I love that guy!

  186. What a great giveaway! My best friend is Melissa. We are very much alike yet different enough that we don’t go crazy! Living five minutes from each other is pretty darn awesome too.

  187. I’ve been in kind of a friend funk the last few years after moving to a new area where there are significantly more men than women. However, in the last five months of being a mother I have been so thankful to have started some friendships that I think will stand the test of time. One friend in particular has been so encouraging to me as a new mother and has constantly been looking out for me to make sure that I get the support and encouragement that I need even though she is busy with her own son and one on the way. I am so grateful to have her to look up to!

  188. My favorite friend has to be my husband. He has been my strongest supporter through my hardest times.
    My instagram username is themorrisplace & my twtter name is catholicfanatic.

  189. my favorite friend is my big sis angela. i trust her more than anyone in the world and love her littles as if they were my own. sisters are the very best!

  190. My favorite friend & I have been besties since we were 16! I love that we know each other inside and out, she is my soul sister <3

  191. Hmmmm this is a tough one. I have many favorites but the one I’m thinking of right now is Jenny. She’s like a sister to me and although we live hours apart and don’t see eachother as much as we’d like, we can always pick up where we left off. Those are the best kinds of friends.

  192. Thanks for this giveaway! Awesome picks!! My fav friend is my best friend since 7th grade Amy! She is amazing and has always been there. We are now 25 so that’s a lot of years of fun and amazingness!!

    I follow on twitter (cortneytackett), instagram (Callenscloset), Facebook (Cortney Tackett) and Pinterest (cococt).

    I shared on pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/60446819972074940/

    I shared on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cortney.rosa

    I tweeted on twitter: https://twitter.com/CortneyTackett/status/383656084352684032

    I reposted on IG: @Callenscloset

  193. following you on FB, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.
    My favorite friend(s) are my sisters! They are always there when I need them and we always have a ton of fun together!

  194. Besides my sisters my favorite friend is my cousin Maria and my BFF Sarah Paige. They are all fabulous and we have the best time together!

  195. My favorite friends are my sisters, always there for each other. Only live 15-20min away from each other, always hangout and do things together.

  196. My favorite friend is my husband. Super corny, whatever. He’s an awesome partner in crime and I love him for many, many reasons that would take me a lifetime to list. 🙂

    Thanks for a great giveaway! Happy Anniversary!

  197. I cannot pick one favorite friend so here it goes: Kayti, Crystal, Bri, Marilee, & Jessica. These girls saved me. They are my sisters and I have needed then more than i think they will ever really know.

  198. Followed all. My favorite friend has been my best friend since we were 12. She is always there when I need her…to vent, advice…anything! I love that now our little ones are buddies!

  199. My favorite friend is definitely my husband! What could be better than a person who loves you unconditionally and is your biggest cheerleader and partner in life?! So grateful for him!

  200. Forgot to add my favorite friend, which is nearly impossible, I feel so blessed with great friends. I will have to pick my sister, Kellie. We talk nearly every day. Our children are best friends. I never have to explain myself to her she just gets me and is kind and compassionate. I love her for who she is and she has been an incredible example to me always, and especially now as we are both mothers. She teaches me so much

  201. Follow on all 4 and favorite friend…listens, cares, and is also one of those friendships where we both give and take. Perfect.

  202. My go to person is my very good friend Adrienne. We have been friends since 9th grade. She listens, cares, gives good advice when needed and never judges. We lives thousands of miles away from each other now but that has not stopped our friendship. We talk on the phone if not everyday, every other day.

  203. My favorite friend lives thousands of miles and an ocean away, but we’ve been besties since preschool and there’s no replacing that kind of friend!

  204. My favorite friend is ALL OF THEM. Jan for all the crafting trouble we get into. Donia for the bargain hunting…I could make a long list but I won’t do that to you. Wait, that’s just things we do together. That’s not why I love them. This question is unanswerable, lol!

  205. My favorite friend is my husband–he promised to make me smile and laugh every day nearly 11 years ago and he’s kept that promise and then some.

  206. My sisters are my best friends – I love how we are all different and learn from each other – they inspire me! Follow you guys on twitter, pinterest, facebook and instagram.

  207. My favorite friend is Heidi. She is so generous to everyone she meets. She is a mom to three beautiful kids. They are her world. She took care of my baby boy when I had to work and also made me dinners. I am so grateful for her. She is amazing!

  208. My favorite friend would have to be my husband, he is my rock and supports me in everything I do. I’m so blessed to be building my family with him.

  209. My favorite friend is my sister. She is always my partner in everything and she is absolutely my best. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her.

  210. Happy Blog Birthday! 🙂 Thank you for a chance at such a generous giveaway!!! I love following your blog, Instagram, and FB…you three inspire me to be a better momma to my littles, Adam and Asher. My “favorite friend” is definitely my husband; he is my everything, my eternity.

  211. Just got twitter, so I can follow you guys on there! Already following on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram! Love you ladies!

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