Small Fry Films : Alpine Meadows

With the weather cooling off, we can’t help but think back to warmer days. We’re happy to present Alpine Meadows, a film shot with Jenner Brown of Lumineux Films with Sydney and Everett Poulton of The Daybook.

Sydney is one of those rare gems where effortless beauty (no really, we’ve seen her roll out of bed looking gorgeous) meets quiet wisdom, and is punctuated by a hilarious sense of humor. You will not find a more genuine person, with more love to give, then Sydney. You can see it plain as day, isn’t that tiny Everett a lucky boy? One thing we so admire about her is the support she offers her husband. While he works full-time and attends school and studies until late in the evening, her attentive devotion to her boys is unwavering. Yet you’ll never hear her complain, unless it’s to offer sympathy for her hardworking partner. Sydney’s Daybook is a definite must read!

Follow along with her lifestyle and fashion blog The Daybook, and her day to day happenings via Instagram and Twitter (@sydneyliann) and Pinterest.

11 thoughts on “Small Fry Films : Alpine Meadows”

  1. This is possibly the prettiest thing I have ever seen. The entire thing I was just beautiful. Wow. Makes me want to do something similar with my baby boy…..such a lovely keepsake. Such a lovely piece of art.

    Also, Sydney is such a gem.

    Thanks for sharing, ladies.

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