ghost terrarium

We’re always entertained by the information our boys report after playing with friends. Hearing the wind pick up outside and asking “Is it gale force, mom?”, begging to be Captain Jack Sparrow for Halloween when they’ve never seen a Pirates movie, etc…So, when one of our little ones came home with twenty questions about ghosts, we figured it was time to take the spook out of this holiday…why not have a ghost for a pet?

Here’s what you’ll need:
Ghost Terrarium | Small Fry

A little floral moss cut to fit the jar’s base, a jar, parchment paper and a marker for the ghost and whatever foliage fit for your new pet. Then we sent them on a daytime ghost hunt, and hid this little guy for them to find. Snatch it up with a net, and introduce it to its new home! So far we’ve learned that ghosts love wheat thins and juice boxes.


Have you had any luck convincing your kids that Halloween really isn’t all that scary? We’d love to hear what’s worked for you!

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