homemade no-sew gnome costumes

Some kids have teddy bears, some soft blankets, if you’re Dash, you like to sleep with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. (Who wouldn’t?) These stuffed gems, known by Dash as “cozy jewels” are his latest obsession, and so Nicole decided to come up with a costume to memorialize this stage in their lives. In fairy tales, gnomes are the dwarf-like creatures that guard treasure, so this might just be the perfect costume for Nicole’s crew. Here’s how she put it all together:


Since Gnomes are essentially miniature bearded grandpas, a good start for this costume is to dress your guy as a little old man. Collared shirts, vests, cardigans, and loafers seemed to create the right vibe. Then Nicole made the gnome hats by taking large sheets of thin foam and rolling them into a point, glueing the sides together. Foam or stiff felt is the way to go with this one, otherwise they’re a little too uncomfortable. The last step is the beard. An absolute necessity, and pretty hysterical. Nicole used a face painting kit she’s had for a couple years after Dash’s first Halloween costume: a hobo, also hysterical. The gem pillows came from the awesome Sharp Tooth Studio Etsy shop.

If you’re keeping track today is the result of our “Style” challenge with the Ford Fiesta Movement! When we asked you what kind of style post you’d like to see, costumes was the clear winner, we think that any Halloween Costume that (take away a beard and pointy hat) is stylish enough to wear again and again is a smart costume indeed and most definitely fits with Ford’s mission! Head to the Ford Fiesta Movement to see how everyone has interpreted this month’s theme!

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