homemade despicable me costumes

 Here’s our last of this year’s Halloween costume series, phew you made it! Jenna’s oldest Quinn has known since March that he would be Vector from Despicable Me. There would be no sidetracking, no alternatives, no plan Bs, just Vector. They’re having a bit of a bromance you could say. In turn Jude made a perfect little minion! Here’s how Jenna turned the sweat suit wearing Nerd slash Villain that cracks us all up with every viewing into a homemade no-sew costume:despicable me halloween costumes

For The Minion: Grab a yellow long sleeve tee, a standard pair of overalls, and some sneakers and you have your costume’s base. Easy additions are a white helmet and goggles, or if you want to go oversized, Jenna used the plastic rings that connect two bottles together, attached with a length of elastic.

Yellow Tee // Osh Kosh Overalls // Chuck Taylor Converse High Tops

despicable me halloween costumes

For Vector: Jenna ordered an orange hoodie with matching orange sweat pants. Stuff the belly with a small pillow or blanket for Vector’s signature pooch. Add glasses, sneakers, a “V” cut out of white duct tape, and a laser gun and you’re all set!

Orange Sweatsuit via H&M Hoodie & Pants // Fake Glasses// Toy Gun
// Sneakers

despicable me halloween costumes

Thanks to Kid’s Foot Locker for supplying the boys sneakers for this costume!

Quinn is wearing the Nike Air Max and Jude is in the Chuck Taylor Converse High Tops

 For more Halloween Costume Ideas check out our Pinterest Board!


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