FRYday : Nicole

The most wonderful time of the year in my world in this: the Fall! It is one of the reasons I love the state of Utah so much. The fall is simply magical to me. We all describe the air as crisp, because there is no better way to say it. More than any other season, the Fall weather beckons my family and I to get out and explore the earth. And we do as often as we possibly can. Driving to the tip top of the mountains, hopping out of the car to take a deep breath of that healthy Fall air, nothing does my heart more good.FRYday : Nicole
Come visit Utah, EVERYONE! And come fast! This season ends quickly, and a year is too long to wait for it to come around again. Happy FRyday, go on an adventure!! If you are on instagram tag us and show us! There is nothing we love to see more.

 xo Nicole

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  • Jessica
    October 25, 2013 at 4:35 pm

    I agree, fall in Utah is beautiful!! I absolutely love how the leaves change color 🙂 I wish it lasted a little bit longer


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