lily jade giveaway [closed!]

Congratulations to Michelle Redd for winning this giveaway!

Today we have a giveaway (and 20% code!) from one of our sponsors, Lily Jade! Lily Jade makes the most gorgeous bags for moms. Each of the styles has the included “baby bag” organizer which includes sixteen functional pockets and an easy-to-clean, detachable inner, you can use your bag for baby, then simply slip out the insert with its contents, to become a beautiful tote for Mom’s independent days out alone. No unzipping required. Genius, right?

mom fall thread essentials

We had local friend and blogger, Stacey style the gorgeous leather Caroline bag for three occasions, to really show it’s versatility. Here’s what she came up with (outfit details at the bottom of the post!):

mom fall threads mom fall threads fallthreads1

Here’s Stacey’s review: “The bag was great because it could hold all my essentials from toys, snacks, and diapers for Franklin, to filling it with our apples, Frankie’s baby pumpkin, and then my interior design materials when going to a home consultation. It is such good quality, and the leather is so soft. It is stylish and doesn’t come off as a baby bag. It is functional and stylish at the same time, and big enough to hold just about anything!”

We love the red bag and how it adds color to the popular neutral color schemes that are so on trend this Fall! So now that yo’ve seen it in action, are you ready to win? This bag retails for $375 and boy do you deserve it!

lily jade diaper bag

 Here’s how to enter:

Leave a comment letting us know your most grabbed for item in your purse (not counting your phone!)

For extra entries: Follow Lily Jade on Facebook and Twitter.

Post about this giveaway via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest and leave each link below in the comments.

The winner will be chosen November 11, good luck!

Can’t wait for November 11 to own this gorgeousness? We don’t blame you. Head over to Lily Jade where the bag is now on sale PLUS when you use code Smallfry20 you’ll get an additional 20% off. Everybody wins!

Photo Contributions courtesy of Stacey Sargent. Outfit Details after the jump!

Pumpkin patch //

ASOS blue shirt
Forever 21 Stripe Blazer & Black Jeans [Similar Blazer / Our Favorite Black Jeans]
Frye boots

Meeting //
Forever21 black pants [Our Favorite Black Jeans]
Polka Dot shirt via Brickyard Buffalo
Zara two toned boots [Similar here or here.]

Apple Orchard //

Forever 21 Sweater & Black Jeans  [Our Favorite Black Jeans ]

Zara black ankle boots [Similar here.]

Vintage hat [We have this one and love it!]

264 thoughts on “lily jade giveaway [closed!]”

  1. The item I go for most with a 2 year old and a 4 year old would have to be baby wipes. They can clean anything! Either that or my lip gloss :))

  2. I have to say I have more than one item that I go for mostly! Wipes, diapers and change of clothes…I have learnt the hard way on several occasions when I least expected an accident..

  3. Most reached for item? Hands down it would have to be snacks to keep my almost two year old content wherever we go. I never leave home without three or four varieties of his favorite snacks. Saved my life on more than one occasion!

  4. My most grabbed object after my phone would be my planner. I can’t leave home without it; it contains everyone’s schedule, business cards, license, and my two most used bank cards.

  5. My most grabbed item would have to be my Burts Bees tinted chapstick. I’m pretty obsessive about keeping my lips moisturized at all times.

  6. My most go to item in my diaper bag is fruit snacks. They keep my 2 year old quite anywhere we go. My 9 month old is much quieter but requires a toy; so that’s my second go to item. I’d really love this diaper bag as mine is falling apart and scratches my hand every time I reach in the side pocket- the snap is broken!

  7. As a musician and a mom usually it is a pencil to mark music or baby wipes to clean up a mess. I also tend to have quite a library for both me and my 2 year old in my purse.

  8. Wipes!!! Every where we go is filthy!! Everything needs to be touched and I stay calm. Let him play. But my son is a thumb sucker so I am always cleaning his hands!! 🙂

  9. With an almost one year old for sure snacks. More specifically puffs for her…and especially right after Halloween a mini almond joy for me 🙂 this bag is to die for!

  10. Now that we are finally in the clear with potty training, extra toddler underwear is no longer my most grabbed item in my purse. Now it would be small toys that I hide in my purse to give my daughter something “new” to play with when we are out and about.

  11. Love the bag! Most reached for thing at this point is snacks, since I am a constantly hungry pregnant lady. Second would be my wallet because I seem to keep buying cute little baby girl stuff…

  12. Red is my absolute favorite color for accessories. This time of year, the thing I’m constantly reaching into my bag for is hand lotion. I live in cold, dry Colorado, so good lotion and chapstick are a must!

  13. My most grabbed item would have to be my sunnies– I can’t stand being outside without them. That or my snack pouch for my son that has everything from applesauce to crackers in it– I can’t decide. Both are everyday essentials!

  14. I love large purses but I’m constantly losing things in the bottom. Love these bags with their organizers. Finally a beautiful purse that is also a diaper bag! I am constantly digging for my carmex lip balm. Perfect for this cold weather.

  15. This bag is so cute! Not at all does not look like a diaper bag. My most grabbed item is the treat/snack bag for my son. We are always loaded with snacks, it saves us from many screams!

  16. The most grabbed for item in my purse besides my phone has got to be wipes/tissue. It’s a constant for wiping noses, sticky hands, cleaning toys,clothes or some other various spill or lovely mess that has just been made. 🙂

  17. I would have to say wipes and my Burt’s bee wax Chapstick is a must with 9 month old twins and a 2 year old would love this bag! Also liked on Facebook Melissa Palermo barone is my name on there

  18. I am constantly reaching in my bag either for snacks or wipes! someone always has a runny nose and both my kids are always hungry! I NEED This bag!

  19. My most grabbed item is a diaper, its always my luck that when we are out my little one needs a nappy change – lol! I’ve liked on FB and Twitter too 🙂

  20. SNACKS!! Especially if I’m taking my toddler shopping. It’s the only way to keep her distracted long enough to shop 🙂

  21. I’d say my most reached for item (apart from my phone) has to be my Tata Harper Be Adored Lip Treatment – the perfect blend between a balm and a lipstick to keep me looking fresh and polished! Fingers crossed. Would love a gorgeous Lily Jade bag to do the same for my outfits!


  22. My camera!!! Always trying to capture the moment! I have been in love with this bag since Babble did a review on it!!

  23. I would grab snacks for my three hungry little ones! That and my camera to capture them before they grow to the next stage!

  24. This bag is fab! Well, I am expecting my first, so no kiddos quite yet….but, right now I am always reaching for snacks! Can stop snacking and I love it!

  25. I am always grabbing my lip balm – Baby Lips, Smith’s Rosebud Salve, etc. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway.

  26. My keys! And I’m always losing them in my bag. Love this one so much. As a new mom I’m having some serious bag envy 🙂

  27. This bag is gorgeous!I’ve held off getting a diaper bag for 19 months, but now with #2 on the way I’ve gotta have this!
    What do I reach for most? Wipes, closely followed by chapstick!

  28. My wallet (by both me and my daughter). She can turn anything into a phone…even my shopping list, which, for the record, was probably the most adorable thing ever.

  29. I need to amazing bag!! The item I reach for the most in my purse (other than my phone…lol) would probably be my wallet. Some way, some how, I always seem to be spending money.
    This bag seem like the perfect marriage between diaper bag and everyday wear. The perfect bag for a working momma!! I am in love!

  30. With a messy little 2 year old I am always reaching for my honest co. wipes. I use them for everything from sticky hands to germy surfaces.

  31. I grab lipgloss, my debit card, & coupons over the wipes for my 11 month old twins! After reading everyone’s comments on wipes I’m wondering if my babies are neat. Lol

  32. My most grabbed item (other than my phone) is my lipstick or chapstick! I know this will all change in 6 months when I welcome my first little one into my life!

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