holiday gift guide: for pop

As busy parents we know that time and preparation is vital in a stress-free holiday season, so we decided (as much as it pains our Thanksgiving loving souls) we’d start earlier rather than later with our gift guides. We’ll be sharing only one a week until the general cut-off date for online shopping and shipping. Countless hours have gone into curating these gift guides, we really feel we’ve put together a good variety for everyone on your list! New ideas, old favorites, nice and inexpensive. It’s all here, and we hope it helps make your life easier over the next month or so!
holiday gift guide for pop


1// AquaFarm [$60] This is such a cool little contraption for on Pop’s desk. The AquaFarm creates a symbiotic relationship where the nutrient rich water feeds the plants, the plants clean the water and send it back out creating a clean environment for the fish below. You can grow basil, mint, spinach or other leafy greens on the trays above. // Uncommon Goods

2// Piola Footwear [$50+] Piola is a really inspiring new brand that produces an all-natural rubber that is then created into awesome footwear, all made in Peru. These rubber factories provide countless jobs and economic development to Peruvian locals. Added bonus, the shoe line is super cool, but not too flashy, just like your man. Read about Piola in depth on their recently funded Kickstarter page!

3// Cooper & Kid [$65] is a company we featured last year, but love it as a gift for dads, uncles and grandpas. The concept is simple. Cooper and Kid create boxable adventures for families to enjoy, with themes like adventure via discovery, hands-on building, gender neutral, and creative expression. They are shipped right to your door and ready for action. For those hard-working away from the home parents who have only a couple hours here and there, this creates such memorable experiences in a snap!

4// Clic Case [$50] Phone cases are a tricky thing. They can’t be too minimal or you’ve got a cracked screen on your hands, too bulky and they won’t fit in your back pocket. Too girly and you’ve got one embarassed Pop, but these gorgeous wooden cases are just sleek enough, just hardy enough to make the cut. // Via Fab.

5// Ergo Carrier [$100+] Guys know how hot baby wearing is by now, yes? What better way to prove we’re right then to give the gift of baby wearing ourselves? Ergo nails it with gender neutral prints that mom or dad will love to wear. // Ergo

6// Life Factory 22 oz [$25] Whether the dad in your life is a thrill-seeking outdoors type, or just speed walking through an airport terminal, they need to stay hydrated. Life Factory keeps up no matter where they’re headed. // Life Factory
7// David Lesue Stately Type [varied] We’re loving this graphic designer’s up and coming line of typographical state prints and apparel. He has a map of the USA, and shirts of all fifty states up for grabs and we think they all make excellent gifts! His Kickstarter is still going now, check it out here to see what you can claim for backing!
8// Uncle Goose blocks [$35+] We are smitten with Uncle Goose over here. They make the most insanely awesome sets of blocks and we’ve each started our own collections. We thought this Elemental set would be perfect for the science lover in your life, and when assembled they make an awesome display for office shelves as well! // Uncle Goose
We’d love to know, what you’re planning on getting for the men in your life? Even with these ideas we’ve got some tough pops to shop for over here.

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  1. Love love love the Piola footwear! Any idea on where I can order a pair? I went on their website and couldn’t find a store link.

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