Holiday Gift Guide : For Bebe

Welcome back to Gift Guide Wednesdays! Today is all about that bouncing baby in your life. Some of our very favorites, new finds, and as always something for every price range!
Holiday Guide: bebe1. Winter Water Factory [$30+] is our favorite baby clothes line, hands down! From baby’s layette to sweet playclothes for the bigger kids, they have it all covered. Their clothes are sweetly simple yet pack such a great punch in color and print. Use smallfryholiday” at check out for 15% off!

2. Freshly Picked Moccasins [$60] If you have a pair of Freshly Picked moccs than we’re preaching to the choir. They are simply put, the shoes your baby will wear. They stay on, they are beautiful and soft and timeless. They hold your baby’s foot shape and a million other memories. Our favorite part is when you take them off your baby’s feet and flip them over you can see their little toe prints in the leather.

3. 4moms MamaRoo Bouncer [$199] This is one classy bouncer. We love the clean simplistic design, but add in the MP3 plug-in and mobiles with art by Monet and Seurat, and you’ve got yourself a bouncer you can be proud of. It has several settings that simulate riding in a car, the movement of water and being rocked in a tree. We just have one question: do they make it in our size?

4. Bannor Toys State Rattles [$15] Bannor makes the most incredible line of wood toys, with an extensive teether, stacker, and block collection! We love their state rattles, they make such a great baby gift and beautifully made as well.

5. Boon Whale Pod [$30] We say amongst ourselves often that we’d buy pretty much anything if Boon made it. They just have it all figured out for making baby’s necessities not only functional but beautiful to look at, too. This whale scoop makes cleaning up bath toys a breeze, you simply scoop and drag across the water, it picks up all the toys, and then the draining system release all the excess moisture, and it goes back on its hook for next time.

6. PlanToys Pull-Along Zebra [$16]. If Boon has it figured out for necessities, Plan Toys has you covered for playtime. Their collection is covet-worthy and just that, a collectible. Why not start with this cute zebra?

7. Yepp Bike Seat [$160] The Yepp bike seat may be a bit more than the popular competitor but after using said seat, there are a few clear distinctions. The rubber seat is so much more comfortable than the hard plastic. It absorbs the bouncing and bumping much smoother, making baby’s (and therefore your) ride that much more enjoyable. Added bonus they come in an impressive variety of colors!

8. Toto Knits is a company that we are kicking ourselves for not finding sooner! Not only are the knits organic, locally grown, dyed, and spun, but the company is comprised of single mothers in Kenya. They are paid by each individual piece they knit, so they can work as much or as little as they choose. We love their family-first attitude, and each piece is signed by its maker which makes it that much more meaningful. Considering all that, this classic Breton stripe sweater is only [$32!] But even better enter “FRIEND” at check out for another whopping 25% off!

So friends, what would you add to our list? Any must haves we’ve missed for bebe this season?

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  1. I am in love with the sweater from Toto Knits, such a classic piece. The Zebra pull along is so sweet and something I would love to get for my nieces/nephews and my little one. Thank you for sharing!

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