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flatout frankie cardboard toys & skylar luna pjsA couple of months ago we sent Jenna to Las Vegas for the ABC Kids Expo. It’s one of the largest collections of brands for kids in the world and we were so excited for the chance to go! Jenna kept us up to speed with pictures and when she sent an image of the Flat Out Frankie booth, we were all drooling. Based in New Zealand, and all constructed out of 100% recyclable materials, they are all about promoting creative and active play. Now, before you ask why not DIY it, let us tell you: we’ve tried! Handling and manipulating cardboard in this detailed of a manner is no cake-walk, and we were thrilled to see Flat Out Frankie had done all the work for us. They have such an awesome collection of play things from ride-on horses, to kitchens and dollhouses, shelving and of course, transportation! You can buy them blank to get creative and color yourself, or with their cute detailing as seen below.

flatout frankie cardboard toys & skylar luna pjs

Flat Out Frankie‘s pieces are great for indoor imaginative activity. As the temperatures drop and the chances to play outside decrease, we start really relying on these types of toys!

flatout frankie cardboard toys & skylar luna pjsWe’ve been loving pulling the toys out on cold weather days when we want to stay extra cozy indoors! All the boys are wearing their Skylar Luna pajamas because there’s really no cozier attire we can think of!

flatout frankie cardboard toys & skylar luna pjsWe love Skylar Luna for their super soft organic fabrics, they leave off those stiff flame-retardant chemicals that turn soft jammies into something in the burlap family. is in Red/Silver Stars // Quinn is in Forest/Silver Stripe // Hayes is in Gray/Cream Stripe

Local Utah residents can find Flatout Frankie toys now at Blickenstaff’s!

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