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Can you believe this is the last week of November? We’re in shock over here, too. Today’s post is part of the Ford Fiesta Movement’s Entertainment theme and we think this project is  perfect! What’s better than one project that provides entertainment for a whole month? If you’re looking to create an advent calendar (a 25 day countdown for Christmas) for the month of December, the time is now! We are each still a little undecided on which route to take, do you buy a nice calendar that will last for years and generations to come? A DIY that suits your mood each year or something in between? Here’s some advents we’re leaning toward that suit each inclination.advent

1. Hey Look’s Black and White Printable Advent // Free

When we were brainstorming making our own, and stumbled upon this one, we quickly threw our hands up in defeat. There really isn’t a way to top this one, in our minds.

2. Madetoorder’s 24 Canvas Bag Advent // $60.00

This Etsy shops bag advent is simple and pretty. We love how each bag is hung in that ceramic Urban Outfitters tree.

3. Land of Nod Gold Chambray Calendar // $49.00

This one comes in red, too and is so beautiful in person! We love the varying sizes to accommodate the various presents that you’d need to fit.

4. Studio DIY’s Take-out Box DIY // $12.00+

True to the Studio DIY name, this bright and fun advent makes us smile!

5. Hampton SC’s Geometric Paper Printable // Free

We love this one! It creates an almost art installation and adds interest to any room!

6. Carluccio’s Gourmet Chocolate Advent // $15.00

We’ve all had our turn with the waxy chocolate advents at the grocery store, why not upgrade to some real Italian chocolate?

7. Diabox’s Plastic and Vinyl Advent // $74.00

This is a more utilitarian version, and a super cool one at that!

8. Patty Doo Felt Advent // $5.00

This may look complicated but we’re thinking even as beginner sewers we could manage it. Simply cut out the shapes for each pouch and sew it on!

9. Dandee Design’s Simple Activity Advent Wreath // $5.00

We love the activity based advents that instead of a gift suggest and family activity. This one creates an awesome wreath, too!

10. Modern Pouch Advent via A&B Stories // $5.00

Another pouch advent, but we love the hand drawn designs!

11. H&M Cotton Canvas Calendar // $17.95

A simple and classic advent that is sure to stay in style year after year. 

12. Relocated Living’s Paper Bag Advent // $10.00

This is the perfect beginner’s craft. Buy stickers at a office supply store, bags at a party supply store and you’re ready to go!

So which advent are you leaning toward? Are you on Team  DIY or Buy?

 This post is sponsored by the Ford Fiesta Movement. We’ve been following the other participants videos each month, and this video might be our favorite. Check it out here!

If you’re looking to do a service based advent – where you pick one nice thing to do for someone else out of a jar each day until Christmas – here’s a peek, and we’ve included a printable list below!

25 Days of Service Ideas


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