happy thanksgiving!

It’s finally here! The most anticipated meal of the year. We are all hardcore traditionalists when it comes to Thanksgiving, yet we each celebrate very differently. For Nicole’s family it’s Sunday best, formal china, and a kid’s table. For Emily, each person contributes a dish, but the meal is comprised of recipes from her Great Grandmother and to stray from them is strictly prohibited. For Jenna her mom makes the meal with the help of her kids at her sides and it’s the one day a year her dad doesn’t wear a suit and tie. Football is on the TV and played in the yard. One thing each of our days will share is family at every turn, and a good long nap. We are supremely grateful for each of them, our health and safety and for you as well. So from our boys to you:


Thank you for reading Small Fry and we hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!


The boys are decked out in Fall favorites from Shop Belle! Shop Belle has graciously offered 15% off until December 5th, simply enter “SMALLFRY15” at checkout!

Dash is in the Anchor Chain Tee 

Hayes is in the now sold-out brown flannel, but blue is still in stock!

Quinn is in the Striped Cardigan

Also, we can’t stop drooling over their incredible holiday party dress collection for girls! This cape!

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