holiday gift guide: stocking stuffers

Only two more gift guides to go and today’s is all about the stocking! Perfect for tiny gifts and treats and a great way to stave off the troops a couple more hours when they come a-knocking before sunrise. Here’s our favorites!
holiday gift guide: stocking stuffers

1. We’re all about stockpiling toys for indoor Winter playtime. This wood handled fox jumprope is perfect for it, being that it is actually rope, and won’t damage your floors like the plastic can! [$17] Seedling brand Via Giggle.

2. Jack and Jill all-natural toothpaste is amazing! Made in Melbourne, Australia for the last 60+ years, it is fluoride, preservative, artificial coloring free! Not to mention darling packaging and yummy flavors that are okay if ingested. [$6.99]

3. Would it really be Christmas without the gift of socks? It’s funny how it’s become such a cliche, but without our yearly sock re-stocking, where would we all be? Sockless, we’re sure. Polarn O Pyret makes our favorites. Stripes now and forever, amen. [$11.50/pack]
4. Add these Hexagon crayons from Pkolino to that indoor play pile! We love their jumbo size and you can’t beat the price. [$2.99]
5. A darling take on the winter necessity: gloves! We love JCrew’s description “perfect for the shy guy” we’ve got a couple of those over here! [$29.50]
6.  We love these sweet bird whistles from Kid O. Fun to play with or sitting up on the shelf once you’re all whistled out. [$3.00]
7. Did your parents put oranges in the toes of your stockings growing up? We’ve got two updated ideas to keep your tradition alive. First, the fruit cutting set from Kid O
8. And second, EOS’ Tangerine Medicated lip balm ! When the harsh weather and dry heated air start coming on, everyone needs a little extra lip coverage. We swear by EOS’! [$3.29]
9. Twig’s “Pixie” wooden cameras are gorgeous! Such a fun addition to any nursery decor and wonderful for imaginative play (remember this post?) [$40]
10. CubeBots are such a cool take on the toy robot toy. Suspended by elastic and made of wood, they have a mobility unlike most plastic toys. Design Public has every color under the sun! [$18]
11. You’ll hear more about LilaPops tomorrow, but to sum it up, they are all natural cough drops that kids might just confuse for candy. A must-have for the Winter season! [$8.99]
 12. This Cargo Plane Balancer is great for develping precision and balancing skills. Keep it even or it may tip! [$29.99]
Do you have any items that make it into your stockings each year? See the rest of this year’s gift guides here. For Pop, Mum, Lil’ Sis, and more!

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  • veronique
    December 4, 2013 at 12:22 pm

    …great finds, here!

    Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!!


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