Holiday Felt-aments DIY

We’ve been loving these Maypole felt balls as a base to making minimalist decor for the holidays! We last used them for Halloween, here, and came up with a couple more to decorate the tree with!

First, tiny wreath ornaments!

diy felt ornaments

Here’s what you’ll do:

Thread a needle (the larger and thicker, the easier to go through the felt.) Then pull the needle through the center of each ball, we used six per ornament, finally connecting them and tying a knot on the other side. Grab a package of ornament hooks to hang them onto your tree, and you’re done! Easy enough.

felt ball christmas ornament wreaths

For the snowman:

felt ball snowmen christmas ornament

You could use the above threading technique or hot glue to secure three white felt balls on top of one another. If you’re threading, you can pull a loop through the top to hang, or if you glue, stick a ornament hook through the top. To give him the perfect snowman scarf we simply added a baker’s twine!

felt ball snowman christmas ornament

We like the threading technique because you can easily cut it and reuse the felt balls for a different project after the holidays. (Glue is definitely easier though.)

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    December 11, 2013 at 9:39 am

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