holiday gift guide: for the fam

You made it! The last gift guide of the season, are you relieved? Today it’s all about togetherness. Things you can do side by side, meaningful mementos, and ways to improve your life as a family.
holiday gift guide for the family1. We’re trying to play it cool about these Wanderlust City map play mats, but it’s not working. They’re so beautiful!! Perfect for floor playtime, or even as a wall hanging. Buy NYC or San Francisco here. [$84] via Shop Ellalou.]

2. A Year of Gratitude. This gorgeous box is filled with 52 thank you cards, one for each week of the year. We love this idea of continually focusing on who we’re grateful for and vocalizing it each week. You could decide your recipeients as a family, take turns, and discuss it all each week. Wouldn’t it make for the best family dinner conversation? And an absolute steal at [$30] Via Uncommon Goods. See their Gift Guide here.

3. Naturebox. Are we sounding like a broken record (this might be our third mention of them)? Naturebox’s monthly subscriptions are so helpful. With a new delicious and healthy set of snacks each month it opens our, and our kids, horizons and saves us in a pinch when we’re out and about. Sometimes it’s nice to not have to turn to the drive-thru! [19.95]

4. A blanket is the basis of so much family fun. A picnic, getting cozy on the couch, a blanket fort, peek-a-boo, a makeshift hammock, you really can’t have too many! This one’s from Target and comes in four different colors. [$19.99]

5. We think every family should have that “thing” they do together. A tradition that is just theirs. Whether it’s an old movie marathons, or karaoke, or milkshake Mondays, for instance. No time like the holidays to start a new tradition! This one works amazing, and has the perfect retro feel that makes it stay-on-the-counter-worthy. [$169] via Williams-Sonoma.

6. Cooking together is the perfect family activity, but if you can’t all be together, at least you can remember home while you’re in the kitchen! These AHeirloom State Cutting boards are so lovely, and would make a great gift for those far-away loved ones. [$48]

7. Last but not least, what is a better gift than a reminder of where you come from? These modern genealogy charts from I Chart You are not only stunning graphically, but represent generations of family all in one circle. Customizable from top to bottom and an absolute bargain at [$25]. This print would hang proudly in just about any room in your home.

The homes we grew up in seemed to always have one fun big gift for the family, we’re excited to carry that on. Do you do that as well? We’d love to hear your ideas! Any awesome family friendly gifts we missed?

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  1. on December 11, 2013 at 10:43 am said:

    Oh how I would love a milkshake Monday every week. Sounds about perfect to me.

  2. on December 11, 2013 at 7:53 pm said:

    Such cute ideas! Thank you for sharing. I don’t ever comment but I always enjoy your lovely site 🙂

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