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We talked earlier this week about all the children who will be hospital bound for the holidays. They aren’t the only ones! Earlier this week we had the humbling experience of spending the evening with four families who’s little ones are in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at the University of Utah Hospital. We are so grateful to Jess and Erin of @HelpingNicuMamas and 4Moms for making this evening possible! You don’t have to look too long to realize Nicole wasn’t able to make it, she was home sick. We missed her (and her photography) terribly!

4 moms donates MamaRoos & Bathtubs to NICU parents

These families shared their stories of suddenly finding themselves in labor as early as 28 weeks pregnant, all being life-lighted (one mama actually had her baby on the Heli-pad!) to the UofU to save their baby’s lives. They beamed with pride as they showed us their five pound fighters, and we could not stop crying! Both Jenna’s boys spent 2-9 days in the NICU so she could definitely relate to their feelings, but  I, Emily, cannot imagine what that must feel like. Having my boys in Bilibeds for jaundice for a couple weeks was torture, but this is hard on a whole new level!

4 moms donates MamaRoos & Bathtubs to NICU parents

After hearing all their stories we just wanted to hug and cry with them, but luckily 4Moms sent us prepared. We were able to gift them each with MamaRoos swings and Infant tubs!

4 moms donates MamaRoos & Bathtubs to NICU parents

After we had our little party, the UofU was so nice to let us tour their NICU. They took us through each room and showed us how high-risk deliveries are literally a window away from the NICU, and baby’s are often passed through the window, as the difference of seconds can mean the world to these babies!

4 moms donates MamaRoos & Bathtubs to NICU parents

We cried more tears walking through the rooms, watching mothers and fathers, nurses and doctors caring for these sweet angels. Touring the rooms with Erin and Jess was even more emotional. Jess had twins, both taking their own turns in the Primary Children’s NICU. Erin lost her first baby after only 4 days in the NICU, her second baby born at 28 weeks, spent several weeks there. Watching Erin greet nurses and recall memories was so heartbreaking and inspiring. @HelpingNicuMamas is putting together gifts for NICU families and delivering December 20th! Watch it all unfold on their Instagram feed here.

4 moms donates MamaRoos & Bathtubs to NICU parents

And we are still stunned by 4Moms generosity. They basically reached out to us and said they had product to give away and would we like to place it with someone who needs it. We love when company’s give back in that way! As it turns out, the MamaRoo is the bouncer the NICU uses, we were so happy to see it in action there. It really is a genius little thing, and bounces up and down, not just side to side, which would’ve saved our poor rocking arms a time or two! The tub is amazing as well as it filters out dirty water and puts fresh water in as you’re using it. It is temperature stable as well so you can rest easy it is comfortable and warm. Check out 4Moms here!

4 moms donates MamaRoos & Bathtubs to NICU parents

To all of you who have been or are still NICU bound, we want you to know our hearts and prayers are with you. We have seen your courage, and we have watched your little fighters. One thing we felt strongly that evening is that all mothers are essentially the same. Proud of their babies, and tirelessly fighting for their health and safety. We admire you all!


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  • Amber
    December 13, 2013 at 8:49 am

    Hi Guys! I have to tell you, both of your posts brought tears to my eyes. As a mom of a little girl with HLHS (like your little cousin in your first entry about this!), and a mom who spent almost 11 months in the ICU, I cannot tell you how much we mothers appreciate this kind of thing! Holidays were the hardest-and when Christmas rolled around, I couldn’t believe how many amazing people worked so hard to let us know we weren’t alone. That’s what its really about. Life in the ICU is so so hard and lonely and sad. Yet, each time we looked at the things that were donated-the handmade hats and blankets, the toys and books-we were reminded that people cared about us and our kids, and that we weren’t alone. A big hug and thank you for bringing this topic up and being so kind and big hearted to the moms at your local NICU. Happy holidays and God bless!

    PS-Our daughter endured so many surgeries and 10 1/2 months in the hospital, but she is now a happy 2 year old who is doing so well! Hang in there NICU moms!

  • Jessica
    December 13, 2013 at 11:07 am

    My daughter was delivered there a year ago before being rushed over the bridge to Primary’s. Those were the scariest months of my life, not knowing if she would make it. You guys did a great service to those families and mothers.

  • Anne
    December 14, 2013 at 4:13 pm

    What an amazing experience! These are strong mamas and babies, so inspiring!

  • Sarah Tyau
    December 14, 2013 at 6:51 pm

    What an awesome experience. Thanks for sharing!

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