pre made quiet books wuka


A couple of years ago we got knee deep in a Quiet Book making party. Basically 10 of our friends were to bring 10 identical pages they handmade and then we’d all swap leaving us each with a 10 page handmade quiet book. Dimensions and felt selections were sent out, page ideas were thrown around, and month after month the proposed D-Day came and went. We’d like to blame it on a natural disaster of some sort, but in all reality, hand-making 10 felt Quiet Book pages is hard. And time consuming. And frustrating. Our time is worth more than that, and so is yours!

pre made quiet books wuka

We’ve, along with several of our other blog-friends, tried out Wūka and you’ve probably already heard, but they’re awesome. Each square covers a basic skill like tying, buttoning, braiding and more! Each page has layers of activity and our boys have loved playing with theirs at home and out and about when we need them to be quiet.

pre made quiet books wuka

Wūka has patented their binding system as well, which is so innovative! Each square is placed on a Link, and Links can hold as many or as few pages as you like!

wuka pre made quiet books

Shop Wūka Here // Follow Wūka on Facebook and Pinterest for more awesome ways to entertain your kids this Winter!


The boys are rocking t-shirts and sweatshirts by Kira Kids. We’re loving the Boombox bear  sweatshirt, super soft Super Bears Raglan, and we can’t keep this Batman Mask tee clean!

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  1. I will definitely have to check this out! I had numerous quiet books as a child, but when I searched where to buy one for my son I came up empty.

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