glam blocks

We’ve got another super easy handmade gift idea for you all today. Keeping with the theme of gifts coming from the kids, but with a touch of class: Glam Blocks! Thanks to Carousel NY for teaming up with us on this post! Here’s what you’ll do:

glam christmas blocks

To start you’ll need unfinished wood blocks. There’s a few ways to accomplish this task:  you can buy them at the craft store, or have wood cut at the hardware store! Just make sure you sand the blocks before using them if you have them cut. From this point we painted them by taping off the down the diagonal, using acrylic paint. Let the blocks dry completely and then grab the Modge Podge (or mix Elmer’s glue with half the amount of glue in ounces of water, 6 ounce bottle of glue = 3 ounces of water. Cover the painted triangle with Modge Podge and then here’s where the kiddos can help!

glam christmas blocks

We used silver and then gold glitter and had the boys cover the Modge-Podged area. Shake off the excess and let it dry completely! Once its dry you can layer on another coat of Modge Podge to seal the glitter a bit better.

Like we mentioned earlier, we teamed up with the new online kids boutique, Carousel NY for today’s craft. We really can’t get enough of their site, it’s filled with fashion forward brands we’ve come to love like Shampoodle, the Brand, yporque, and Loud Apparel.

Here’s some items we’re loving for the boys!

Carousel NY


Leather Sleeve Jacket || Woo Sweater ||| Shampoodle Street Pants || Gorilla Sweater 

Dash is in the Bob & Blossom Breton Stripe Tee and don’t miss this The Brand jeans. Too cute.

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  1. on December 19, 2013 at 5:35 am said:

    Love those! I would just be annoyed by all the glitter that I would inevitably find everywhere, after it rubs off 😉

    xoxo PARIS BEE

  2. Autum:
    on December 19, 2013 at 9:35 am said:

    I agree about the glitter but if you could put some kind of clear coat or varnish over it that should/would help I would think. Love the idea for little ones for sure. 🙂

  3. Small Fry:
    on December 19, 2013 at 9:47 am said:

    We’ve had pretty good luck with the top coat of Modge Podge but yeah, I think you’re right Autum. Something a little heavier would be smart!


  4. on December 19, 2013 at 11:20 am said:

    Really beautiful and simple idea! Looking forward to popping over to Carousel NY. Looks like they have some great things!

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