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As we mentioned Monday, we have a couple more months of Winter, so we’re still looking  for cute finds to bulk up the kids’ Winter wear wardrobe. With some awesome post-Holiday sales, we’re even buying for next year! Here’s some cold weather gear that’s caught our eye in every price range for boys and girls.


bundle up gear for kids

1. Quinn has this leather and camo coat and it is so awesome in person! // CAROUSEL NY 50% off [$76] 2. Felt-lined Sorels, because Sorels.  // JCREW [$75] 3. Snowsuits are so underrated! There’s now way snow is getting in anywhere on this guy! // JCPENNEY [$22.99] 4. Polarn O Pyret has the most extensive collection of shells, jackets, windbreakers, and more, all in their signature bold solids. // POLARN O. PYRET [$35+] 5. We picked these boots when we were Guest Editors for Brickyard Buffalo and they were a huge hit. Our boys are still loving and wearing theirs. // POLARN O. PYRET [$35] 6. North Face is a staple for Utahans, we love this fur-lined parka for boys! MINI MIOCHE [$142] 7. Wal-Mart for the win on these cute camo wellies! // WAL-MART [$14.97] 8. A puffer version of the fur-lined parka, with toggles. Toggles make any coat cuter, we decided. // JCREW [$148, but 40% off using “TAKENOTE” at checkout will put you at $88!] 9. We’re having a Union Jack moment and these Hunters aren’t helping. // NORDSTROM [$95]


bundle up gear for kids

1. This Joe Fresh puffer is by some miracle not sold-out yet, hurry! JCPENNEY [$15.99] 2. Hunters for her, in classic navy. // NORDSTROM [$75] 3. Our only reference for what makes girl’s clothing cute is “Would I wear it?” This tan bow coat gets a resounding yes. // JCREW [40% off “TAKENOTE” [$136] 4. These black neoprene slushers are an edgy option for the tom-boy in your life! // WAL-MART [$37] 5. This neon powder puffer is too cute. And “TAKENOTE” again // JCREW for [$76] 6. Could you just die over these floral wellies? // JOULES [$53] 7. A repeat in gray for a more subtle and versatile look! // JCREW [$76] 8. These raspberry lined boots look cozy and easy for kids to slip on and off, too! // ZARA [$35.99] 9. Sadly our favorite striped Mini Boden jacket for boys is sold out, but this blue pear jacket for girls is a darling consolation. // MINI BODEN [$92] 10. Sweet mint polka dot wellies! // TARGET [$19.99] 11. Another versatile and classic coat with a detatchable collar // ZARA [$45.99] 12. Another perfect classic, yellow rainboots! // JOULES [$64]

If you see any outwear deals, comment below, we’d love to check them out!


  1. on January 8, 2014 at 9:07 am said:

    It has been so very cold here in Toronto & a good jacket makes all the difference! Almost lost my toes yesterday 🙂 Stay warm everyone!

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