Small Fry Films : West Village Picnic

We are beyond excited to share this film with Gaby and Belle with you all today. Do you remember last year when we held a contest to gift a family in NYC a film by Jenner Brown? NYC is our #1 city for readership and we wanted to say thank you in a small way. We didn’t know that the strangers we chose would have such a clear vision for this film, and even a music track performed by Gaby to accompany it! Even more wonderfully, we didn’t know that these strangers would become dear friends. Gaby and Belle live in NYC with their two beautiful kids Biet and Lucien. Belle blogs at (the gorgeous!) Petite Biet and recently launched the killer-cool kids line Welkin NYC. Belle is such a beautiful writer, we’d love to have her introduce her family before debuting their film. Welcome, Belle!

“Gaby and I met 11 years ago in the Lower East Side. I had just moved to NYC from the West coast and had gotten a job in a little French cafe on Ludlow Street. The cafe had these huge windows that looked out onto the street, and when business was slow I would sit and drink hot chocolate and watch the city going by. Ludlow Street was really neighborhood-y then, and everyone knew and took care of everyone else, and by watching the people go by I began to learn all of the characters and people and families of the block. One of those characters was Gaby.

Gaby worked across the street at at a venue that had live music and poetry and comedy every night. He was an Argentinean who had moved to NYC a decade earlier from Israel (our family is a crazy mix of cultures!) and made his career in music. He and his coworkers used to come into the cafe for sandwiches before work, and me and my coworkers used to go listen to music at the venue after work, so, over time, we all became good friends.

— Gaby still tells the story about the first night we met: He was working with his friend Paul, and I walked in with my coworker after we had closed up the cafe and walked right up to them and introduced ourselves. We hung out all night listening to music and after my friend and I left, he turned to Paul and said “I’m gonna marry that girl one day.” Five years later, Paul married us. —

The longer I lived in the city, the more I experienced how everyone in the neighborhood, from the butcher to the deli guy to the waitress at the cafe (me) to the newspaper delivery guy, was a family of sorts. There are so many people in NYC with no roots or family close by, and over time they all band together and form an extended “family”, taking care of one another and growing together over the years, like you would expect of a small town. Its a really beautiful thing to experience and be a part of, and that’s what we wanted to convey with this film. You think of NYC as this big majestic metropolis, but it’s really a collection of small neighborhoods, like little villages.

Over time, Gaby and my friendship evolved from friends to best friends to boyfriend and girlfriend to, eventually, husband and wife. We were married in a park in the village, and all of our friends and people from the neighborhood came. Then we were blessed with a daughter, Biet, and a little less than two years later (just a few weeks before we filmed this!), a son, Lucien. Our community evolved and grew to include the West Village (where we shot the film) and now Brooklyn. It’s really important for us to teach our children the importance of growing your community, fostering relationships with friends and neighbors, supporting local businesses, and appreciating the history of the city. They don’t have any aunts, uncles, or grandparents here, but they have a loving family that we’ve built over time with friends and neighbors who love them dearly.”

This family loves their city, they love each other, and they are just salt of the Earth. We felt so fortunate to be able to meet them all! Follow along their NYC journey via Petite Biet and @augustabelle via Instagram. And of course check out their clothing line Welkin NYC!

Filmed by Jenner Brown of Lumineux.

Music Credit:”Todo Por Ti”

Gaby Savransky / vocals + guitar

Baba Z. Buerger / piano + bass

Shahar Mintz / guitar
Yuval Lion / drums + percussion
Alex Asher / trombone


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