valentine babushka doll printables

babushka doll valentines

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Here’s another early-bird Valentine’s Day idea and if you’re lucky, free printable. Just kidding, of course there’s a free printable!
valentine babushka doll printables

It starts out as a Valentine’s Day card, but then when you take it home you can make it into a garland, too! You all know how we feel about a garland.

HOW TO MAKE THE CARD: All you need to do is print the download onto cardstock (in color) and cut out each babushka. Then take a separate piece of cardstock for the carrying envelope. We fold the bottom third up to create the front lip, then glue/tape/staple the sides to create your open envelope. Then cut out the included “I wish there were six of you” card and glue it onto the front lip.

babushka valentine's printables


You can either sew over the tops of their heads or we used mini clothespins to attach them to twine.

valentine babushka doll printables

And let’s finish this one of with a little brotherly love. Awww!


valentine's babushka printable

The print above the Babushkas is available at Skoope Home. We’re digging so many of their prints. So fresh and so clean (clean). They have a special Valentine’s Day line up right now that is awesome, too! Here’s some of our regular favorites:

Skoope Home

 This Much Print // Calendars // Rainy Days Print

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  1. Could you repost the babushka doll file? I keep getting an error message saying “drawing error occurred” and then it won’t pull up the whole file — and I REALLY LOVE it!!

  2. “You are loved”, so like that phrase. Been saying that to my baby since he was born. I don’t know, I just want to tell him over and over again, and will continue doing until my last breath. I’m so inlove with your garland decoration. Maybe I’ll try that.

  3. Love the printable! Where is that lumberjack hat from? My son’s room is lumberjack themed and I would love to get it for him.

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