lumineux family film [giveaway!]

We were in a big meeting last week and were asked to share a favorite post, such a hard choice! We finally settled on this film, although our whole catalog of films produced with Lumineux hold a special place in our hearts. In honor of the upcoming Month of Love we wanted to share this fave with our new readers and also announce another chance to win a Family Film from our videographer Jenner over at Lumineux Films!

We’ve had the amazing opportunities to create family films with our friends, like:

Naomi Davis

Joy Cho

Laura Wiertzema

Natalie Holbrook 

Sydney Poulton

Kristen Howerton

Brooke White

 and several more beautiful families (see them ALL here.)

We can’t wait to add your name to that list! Ready to enter?

Here are the details:

Jenner will be in Los Angeles, California February 26-27th, 2014 and the selected winner must be able to meet him in Los Angeles or neighboring areas in Southern California. Other than that, all families are eligible.

Complete these two steps to enter:

1. Share this post’s link via Facebook using #smallfryfilms so we can see it! (Copy this into a status:

2. Pin this post via Pinterest tagging us @smallfryblog so we can see.

For extra entries, follow Jenner via Instagram @jennerbrown_ as always you can follow us across our social networks: Facebook // Pinterest // Twitter // Instagram.

Leave comments for each entry and we’ll pick a winner February 5th, 2014.

Not going to be near California anytime soon? Don’t worry, we’ll be running a few more cities throughout the year, so stay tuned!

52 thoughts on “lumineux family film [giveaway!]”

  1. This would be so amazing to win! We recently moved to Ohio from California but we will be visiting with my family during these days! How special and amazing would it be to have a film with my sons grandparents and aunts and uncles in it to show him every time we’re homesick? OH fingers crossed hard!!

  2. Shared on FB and Pinterest.

    {I already follow your lovely blog on FB, IG, Pinterest, etc., and I am now following Jenner on IG as well (I am @janislacrosse)}

    We just moved to LA and would love a chance to capture our family in this amazing place that we now get to call home.

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