Olympic Glasses DIY

Happy 2014 Olympics, everyone! These Olympics are a welcome break from the seemingly never ending Winter months. It broadens our horizons, shows us talent and abilities from all over the world, and opens up conversation about all sorts of interesting topics with our kids. Those commercials that show the dedicated mothers getting their kids up at the crack of dawn to practice aren’t too bad either. Cry fest, every time! When the Winter Olympics came to Salt Lake City when we were in high school, it was the most incredible feeling and experience to attend. Sochi will have to party without us, but we are definitely going to show our support from our living rooms. In celebration we whipped up a quick Olympic Glasses DIY. Hayes digs them big time, obviously, and here’s how we did it:

Olympic Glasses DIY

1. Grab card stock in blue, black, red, yellow and green (each color representing the different corners of the globe: The Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania)

2. There are probably 20 easier ways to do these circles, but this way is for those of us with the most basic craft supplies handy. We made the rings by tracing the bottom of a coffee mug (approximately a 2 inch round)

Olympic Ring Glasses DIY

3. Then to cut out the middle, take an Exacto knife and cut an X into the center, dragging the edges out as wide as you want the circle to be (our rings are about 3/8ths of an inch, but obviously not perfect.)

4. Once you have the X in the center, take your scissors around and cut it out making your “O”.

5. To have the rings overlapping and interlocking, simply cut a slit through each ring. Then connect each ring and tape the slit shut on the back.

6. To secure the whole piece into the Olympics logo take a glue stick and glue in the appropriate spots.Olympic Glasses DIY

7. Grab a dowel, popsicle stick, straw, whatever you have on hand, and tape it to the back of the rings, ours were on the back where the blue and yellow rings interlock. Then show of your spectacles, with even a portion of Hayes’ enthusiasm and we’ll be happy.


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