happy valentine’s day! [2014]

We hope you all have a wonderful Love-filled weekend. We hope you get lots of cuddles and kisses from your little ones and a nice dinner with your love or loved ones. We love you all! If you need some last minute help, here’s some of our favorites:
Small Fry Favorite Valentine's Posts

3D Smooch Strand // Babushka free printable Valentine’s // Paper Bag Puppets // Hi-Chews Valentines Printable // Love Pennant Flags // Red Velvet Rice Krispie Arrows // Superhero Mask Printable Valentines // Tie-Dye Love leggings


So much business to discuss this week! Bear with us:

We’ve been featured on Kristen Duke’s Decorating With Pictures series before, and it’s such an awesome series with peeks into dozens of your favorite bloggers homes, and how they incorporate their loved ones into their decor! Don’t miss it this year, it’s got crazy giveaways going all month along with it too!Blogger home tours

Locals! We’re hosting a Kickee Pants pajama and lounge wear sample sale! For those of you who have Kickee in your life, you already know, they’re the softest most silky amazing pajamas out there. Our boys love and live in them and we’re excited to host this sample sale next Thursday February 20th from 11 am – 2 pm. Everything will be below wholesale costs and super cheap. We’ll also have a ton of giveaways going on throughout the event from Kickee and the nearby shops at Riverwoods. We’ll be set up inside the Provo Beach Resort so come shop, and then stay and play with your kids!

Kickee Pants Sample Sale

Lastly, how many times can we share this before we lose you all as friends? Hopefully at least one more. Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers!

We’ll see you next week, we don’t want to over-hype it, but if you remember last year’s Newborn Essentials giveaway, it was crazy and crazy awesome. We’ve teamed up with dozens of industry leaders and our favorite bloggers to blow last year out of the water! Check back each day for a killer giveaway and a touching birth story. We. Cannot. Wait! See you then.

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  1. My sister is awesome for suggesting this blog to me! Im a mom to be, due in May and I cannot wait!! Such a blessing. Big things are happening for my husband and I this year 🙂

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