SF New Baby: The BIG One!

Our #SFNewBaby week is coming to a close today, and it has been such a blast to watch unfold! We hope you all have loved it and we can’t wait to pick all our winners! We have to admit we’re excited to get back to our regular posting schedule, and hope you’ll all be joining us! (Follow us via BlogLovin here!)But before we do, how ’bout one last giveaway. It is hard to top an Orbit stroller system, Land of Nod nursery set, gift packages from Boon and 4Moms, brand new (sold out!) moccasins from Freshly Picked and a Stokke high chair to boot but we think we may have done it.

Check out what is up for grabs on this, our last day of New Baby Week!

small fry newborn essentials giveaway

1 & 2. Giggle is THE FIRST place any new mom or mom-to-be should go. Filled with the perfect collection of items for mom and baby, and all sweet and on-trend. We are huge fans of Giggle and know you’ll love their hooded towel [$50] and cutest striped Buddy. [$20]

3. This pillow is a must for moms-to-be. We’ve all used every pillow we could to get comfortable during sleep while pregnant, quickly pushing our poor husbands to the edge of the bed, this Bump Nest body pillow is supportive but not overtaking. This is the best [$100] you can spend while pregnant!

4. We love the simple basics from AXL. They’re line is perfectly unisex, and long-lasting, making it a great gift for any new baby! This set features a blanket, onesie, hat, bodysuit for [$70]. Made in San Francisco and 100% organic, too!

5. Anytime we can, we love to giveaway an Ergo Carrier [$139] They are such a must for infancy, It is comforting and comfortable for your little one making travel, activity and adventure feel natural and doable.

6. Another awesome find via Giggle! This Moses basket is a nod to an ancient baby-carrying system and a modern keepsake. This one is a great portable alternative to the standard bassinet! [$90]

7. We are recent converts to the 7AM Enfant brand and are really kicking ourselves for being such tardy adopters. Where we live Winter is a good six months or more and these car seat cocoons are definite musts for cold weather living. You just try and put a winter coat on a new baby, and you’ll see why these cocoons are so amazing! Easily slides on and off any standard car seat and a super affordable [$59]

8.  Nursing covers can be tricky. Some get it close, others are way off, but Covered Goods seems to have finally figured it out. All three of us are shirt-pull-uppers, quickly exposing are backs, and after just having a new baby would rather keep that covered, thanks! We love that Covered Goods has you covered from all angles, but you can still use is it as a blanket, scarf, front cover, and more! Versatility is everything. [$30]

9. Comotomo bottles, our favorite! Comotomo strives to create the most realistic bottle out there in attempt to mimic breastfeeding. Whether you use it once and awhile or full-time it’s  such a great one! We love the wide neck making it super easy to clean out, and don’t forget the anti-colic vents! [$12.99]

10. It’s hard to describe Paige Lauren without somehow sending you this sleep sack through the screen so you can feel it. SO SOFT! [$48]

11. What would a new baby giveaway be without a bag to keep all your goods in? If you’re lucky you’ll be winning a timi & leslie Hannah Diaper Bag which retails for [$150+]! All of timi & leslie bags come complete with coordinating accessories (a changing pad with pocket, non-slip stroller straps, insulated bottle pockets, etc) and don’t scream “There’s diapers in here!”

12 & 13. You all know how much we love Little Giraffe blankets, but really anything from there is a homerun and is somehow an instant lifelong friend to our kids. We’re giving away this Little E elephant [$48] but Check out the giraffe too! Little Giraffe is also throwing in a life-saving teether!

14. Last but not least, the super helpful, super necessary Baby Care Essentials Set from Piyo Piyo! This one makes an awesome gift, and is so happy and fun in true Piyo Piyo form! [$44.99]

If you’re keeping total you’re looking at over $850 in awesome goods for you and baby. Let’s not waste another moment, enter below!
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972 thoughts on “SF New Baby: The BIG One!”

  1. Just found out yesterday, I’m pregnant with baby number two! Winning this would be so fun (especially that body pillow- I didn’t get one for my first pregnancy and totally regret it)!

    Thanks for all of these exciting chances, ladies!

  2. What an awesome giveaway! I would l.o.v.e | l.o.v.e | l.o.v.e to win all these items. But even if i do not – they are surely going on my registry! Love all the natural colors and simplicity of it all. Fingers-crossed.

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  4. I gave birth to my sonshine in December and would absolutely LOVE this.. I would totally enjoy seeing his little/large head haha poking out of that car seat carrier for these next freezing weeks in Boston. Thanks, girls! Your blog is awesome, I have my fingers and toes crossed!!

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