Green Mean Machines

St. Patrick's Day Smoothie

Hello again, Small Fry readers! It’s Mel from So Festive!, a blog started in honor of my mom who was the most festive person I know. She passed away from cancer, but I’m determined to keep her festiveness alive by sharing easy, simple and real ideas that will inspire anyone to be a little more festive. Because life is to be enjoyed, right?

Today I’m sharing a simple, ultra-festive drink for you and your kiddos to make for St. Patrick’s Day. My mom always called them Green Mean Machines, and the name fits them just perfectly.

Here’s how you can make your own Green Mean Machines.

What you need: lemon lime soda, lime sorbet, a blender, and thick straws. Okay, the thick straws are optional, but it’s more fun with them!

Pour 8 oz of lemon lime soda into a blender. Then scoop 3 cups of lime sorbet into the blender and mix until thick and frothy. This is the ratio we prefer, but you can always add more or less soda if you want it thinner or thicker. You really can’t mess up your Green Mean Machines.

Then sip, sip, sip away!


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