Open Gym Adventure

Open Gym Adventure

Tomorrow, March 7th, is National Unplugged Day! Do you all remember when we did an entire WEEK unplugged as a Small Fry team? We have a whole week’s worth of ideas here, but we wanted to share our newest and best idea for making the most of your Unplugged Day: open gym!

Open Gym Adventure

Going unplugged was hard, but so rewarding. Many of you joined us and we have to admit, a whole week was tough! So we’re happy to join the Nation in this one day challenge, one day is totally doable. Easy breezy, no problem.

Open Gym Adventure

When we read on Gym Gab that most all gymnastic facilities provide an open gym day, or set of hours to non-members we were all ears! We have yet to commit the boys to classes, but what kid wouldn’t go ballistic for a foam pit, giant trampolines, balance beams, and springy floors? Find an open gym schedule by zip code right here!

Open Gym AdventureOpen Gym Adventure

To test out our theory we went to All American Gym (Lindon, Utah) and sure enough the boys had the time of their lives.

Open Gym Adventure

If daytime gym sessions aren’t possible for your family, many gyms host “Parent Night Out’s” once a month and around holidays where parents drop there kids off for several hours on a Friday or Saturday night. These events can include pizza or snacks and organized games as well as open gym time. If you live in the Seattle, WA area, The Gymnastics Connection hosts some of the most popular themed Parent Night Out’s (make sure you sign-up in advance as they fill up quick!) more info here.

Open Gym Adventuregym5

If you’re looking for a more formal gymnastics experience, and want to know how to get started, check out the Gym Gab blog! Written by gymnastics coach Makenna, she shares her tips and tricks as well as education and inspiration for parents of gymnasts. Don’t miss this“How to Do a Cartwheel Step by Step” post, it is crazy cute.

Open Gym Adventure

So, who’s going to join us for National Unplugged Day tomorrow? Find all our Unplugged ideas right here.


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2 thoughts on “Open Gym Adventure”

  1. I was excited to search for a free open gym in my area but they all require my children to be enrolled, currently. The blog you reference didn’t say anything about open gyms being available to non-members….a bit of a misleading post on your blog.

    1. Hi! From what we heard lots of gyms don’t require enrollment. The few we have in our area don’t, and several Makenna referenced are open to non-memebers. Maybe try calling and double checking?


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