St. Patrick’s Day Skewers

Photography by Jylare.

Today we put together a super easy fruit and veggie skewer with accompanying dip recipes. They are as tasty and healthy as they are simple and quick to whip up! We’ve found that most kids (not all) will eat even the most offensive of vegetables (they’re looking at you, broccoli) if there’s a tasty dip nearby, even if those dips are two ingredients or less!

Fruit and Veggie St. Patrick's Day Skewers with Avocado Ranch and Key Lime Pie dips!

So, here’s what you’ll do:

Grab all the green fruits and veggies you have on hand. We used kiwi, green apples, and green grapes for the fruit skewer. Then for the veggie skewer cucumber, green pepper, celery, and broccoli florets. Tip: If you’re planning on bringing this skewers to a party, or eating them a bit after you’ve prepared them, dunk the apple slices in lemon juice before spearing, otherwise they’ll turn brown.

Fruit and Veggie St. Patrick's Day Skewers with Avocado Ranch and Key Lime Pie dips!

Originally, we tested out dyeing the bamboo skewers green, total fail. Don’t waste your time! We did however like the look of the bottoms of the skewers with a little strip of green washi tape around the base. A little extra flair never hurt anyone!

Fruit and Veggie St. Patrick's Skewers and Dips!

Then, we assembled two dips. An Avocado Ranch dip and a Key Lime Pie yogurt dip. These couldn’t be easier. For the Avocado Ranch, just mash an avocado and stir in two tablespoons of Ranch dressing.St. Patrick's Day Skewers

Then for the Key Lime Pie Yogurt Dip simply empty the contents of a pre-made Key Lime Pie yogurt cup and then zest a lime for garnish and extra kick. Easy as can be!

St. Patrick's Day SkewersQuick, healthy, and festive! Just the way we like it.

Big thanks to Jylare Smith for capturing today’s photos! Locals, Jylare is back shooting in Utah! Californians don’t fret, she’ll be back March 24 – April 1. Small Fry readers get 20% of services so book away, she’s the best! Also, Hayes’ tee can be found here.


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