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Lockers Three Ways sent us three mini lockers to try out and as predicted our boys are loving them! Here’s how we incorporated them into our homes.


Do you live with your very own mini superhero? Nicole is so lucky, during this five minute photoshoot Dash changed from Captain America, to Spiderman, to the Flash. This is their lives, all day everyday, so Dash’s locker of course became a storage system for his Hero Uniforms (don’t call them costumes.)

Super Hero Costume Locker

It is the perfect vibrant red, and with a few hooks, stores masks, weapons, and gear. Dash’s his costumes via Amazon: Flash CostumeSpiderman and Captain America.

Super Hero Costume Locker


Hayes just recently switched from a crib to a big boy bed. It was a good long run! As they’ve altered the space for his big boys things, this locker became the perfect side table.  For holding books, and a night light, and the always requested, glass of water. Inside holds his most treasured possessions, including a $10 bill snaked from dad’s coat pocket, and night time necessities like lotion for foot rubs, and stickers for the chart to keep him in his bed (we’re really missing that crib right about now!)

Small Fry Nurseries | Hayes

This mustard yellow is the perfect pop of color and seems to go with everything in the room, even without much planning. // Banjo and Guitar via Land of Nod. Man Cub t-shirt by Hannah & EliB Brand Jeans via Carousel NY ( Hayes’ favorite and on sale for $22.50!)

Locker slash Nightstand

Meteorite Quilt and log pillow via Land of Nod. Helvetica Initial pillow from a guest DIY post we did for Inspired by This! here. Family tree graphic print via iChart You. Animal Nesting dolls via Fawn Shoppe.

Small Fry Nurseries | Hayes


The Rammell brothers recently started sharing a room, so having a special place just for Quinn helped the transition. Having that special place be under lock and key to keep safe from little brother made even better.

Treasure Locker

He went through the house and picked his favorite treasures for safe-keeping. His personalized running shoes, his favorite book, money from his personally requested chores, Iron Man, his latest drawings and school work, his slippers and binoculars. Quinn’s world in a nutshell!

Treasure Locker

Seeing your little guy come home from school, kick off their shoes, and toss their backpack into their locker is a surreal moment. Quinn’s backpack is adorned with We Project buttons, check out their awesome cause here.

Treasure LockerFind the mini lockers shown in today’s post right here. (Note: Always anchor your lockers to a stable wall for safety!)

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  1. I am looking for a white paint color for my son’s room and both Dash and Hayes’ rooms look like winners to me!
    By any chance, could you provide me with the name and brand of the paint?
    Thank you!

  2. Hello! I loved this idea and just now I was going to buy one for my son and they don’t seem to exist… Its just two months from your post, I would love to have one, I f you have info please let me know!

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