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instagram print display DIY giveaway [closed]

Winner: Angela Tran!

Today we have an awesome giveaway with one of our favorite companies, Artifact Uprising! We found them on our own last year and have been ordering often ever since, so we’re excited that they’ve graciously offered one winner $300! in credit to a myriad of ways to print your favorite photos. Gorgeous Instagram books, photo print cards, calendars and hardcover books for higher quality photos to name a few. These make the most amazing gifts, they are sure to be treasured forever! Jenna made books for us for Christmas and gifted to them us at a lunch. We were all in tears – our fellow restaurant diners should be used to this by now – and needless to say our Artifact Uprising collections get a lot of love and use at our houses.

The books are so great, but we wanted to be able to see our prints ALL the time, so here’s two ways we’ve displayed them in our homes! Start with an order or two of the Instagram Print cards:

Artifact Uprising Instagram Prints

Then you can either create a gallery wall using removable wall putty, 3M strips, or whatever adhesive you like but won’t damage your walls!

Instagram Photo Wall

Or how about an Ikea hack? Ikea makes these super inexpensive curtain hanging systems, with small metal clips that hang on a suspended wire. Perfect for hanging photos! We’re loving that a lot of Ikea items can be found on Amazon, saves us a trip or two! Buy theΒ Diginet Curtain Wire and Clips here!

Instagram Picture Display Ikea Hack

To install the Diginet, you simply drill the posts into the wall, top them with the clean silver covers, slide the cord into each post and trim. Then clip the photos right on! Since the Β DiginetΒ system is so reasonably priced, do like Nicole did and give friends the curtain system and a set of cards as a gift to create their own wall at home!

Instagram Picture Wall on Ikea Curtain SystemNow that you’ve seen a couple ways to display, is your mind racing with all the amazing things you could do with $300 worth of Aritfact Uprising prints? Email us if you need more ideas, we could go all day!

Enter below and even if giveaways aren’t your thing, anyone who enters will be sent a special discount code after the giveaway as a thank you! Winner announced March 24th!

237 thoughts on “instagram print display DIY giveaway [closed]”

  1. The instagram prints from Artifact Uprising are awesome! I would love to create a gallery wall of my kids over the years and create memory books for them- the books are gorgeous! :)Dana

  2. I regretfully admit that my oldest son turns 2 two weeks from today and I have yet to print any ig pics since he was born. This would be the perfect push to get me started! Finger and toes are crossed!

  3. This would be amazing to have, I would love to print my twins first year it would be such a special giveaway for me to win!

  4. I’ve been following and admiring Artifact Uptising on IG for a while…I love the idea of making a family picture book each year. This would certainly help make that a reality!

  5. I have made a book from them and they are BOMB! They have the best quality!! I would love to win and be able to print more beautiful prints! I think pictures are so important.

  6. Amazing! A|U is fantastic – from their mission to their products. I’m not a giveaway person, but even I can’t pass tugs one up.

  7. Thank you for this post! I have so many IG photos printed and just this weekend took them down- I had them on a clothesline with mini clothespins! Needed new ideas!

  8. I absolutely adore artifact uprising!! I want to use the prints to make photo books for the grandparents…. you know the kind from the 70’s that came in the little green spiral kodak books?! I also want to make a picture wall in our kitchen with an old crib mattress support.

  9. I’d love some prints of Poland to hang in our new daughters room! We have some beautiful photos of her and hercity and I’d love for them to be the first thing she sees when we bring her home.

  10. What a great way to display photos. I love taking pics of my twinnies ( my iPhone yells at me everyday for running out of storage!) but I only have 2 or 3 hanging in our home.

  11. i adore artifact uprising! they produce such high quality products. i would love to win this giveaway! i would make a wall of my favorite photos.

  12. I’ve been wanting to do this exact same idea with the ikea curtain rod on my wall! Love the quality of the AU prints… Their app is great too!

  13. With a brand new newborn in our home, the attic fact uprising giveaway would be used and treasured to remember this special time in our lives! I would love to win!

  14. I would love this! I stumbling across their website a few weeks ago and can’t stop thinking about ordering from them!

  15. I have a file of wedding photos just waiting to be printed, this would be absolutely perfect. I have a certain mother in law itching to get her paws on some of these prints!

  16. What a great giveaway!!!! My new little man has taken over my instagram feed, and I’d love a way to print my pictures to cherish forever!!!!

  17. Artifact Uprising’s motto: Off of your device, into your life resonates with me as I shoot photos of my son. Being a mother, it’s difficult to asses how to organize your photos, display them, and store. Artifact Uprising helps with all of the above and has made it crazy easy for a busy working mother such as myself. Thank you!! and cheers to lovely photos! Hope to win πŸ™‚

  18. Oooh, looks like such a great company! I’ve been meaning to print out my favorite instas for a while now, looks like I know what company I’m using! Fabulous giveaway, as always. My fingers are crossed to win!

  19. I just got my first Artifact Uprising Instagram book in the mail last week! Can’t wait to get more and to get some prints!

  20. I’m a huge fan of Artifact Uprising! Would love to make more books from my instagram pictures! Thanks for another awesome giveaway! xo

  21. Beautiful work. I would love to win. I am working on catching up my three kiddos a book of memories for every year they have been entrusted in my care.

  22. Oh my gosh I can’t find the place to enter. I thought maybe it was an issue with my laptop so I went on my desktop and still didn’t see a widget or anything. Am I overlooking where it’s at?

  23. i’ve been meaning to order some instagram prints and have seen artifact uprising EVERYWHERE but just haven’t purchased yet. this would be great!

  24. we have been terrible about printing pictures since our son was born a year ago. this would be a great way to display a few of those photos!

  25. I absolutely love Artifact Uprising. In fact, I have been saving up for an Artifact Uprising book from my wedding!

  26. I love Artifact Upsrising! I disovered them last Christmas and have been using their goodies for gifts. I got my husband the woodblock and prints for our anniversary and he loved it (The guy is hard to buy for so that was a big win).

  27. I’m so obsessed with AU. I recently ordered a photo book from them, and I’m in love. I’ve been dying to order print sets to make a wall of photographs with some DIY hanging branches and string.

  28. I found AU last year and think there products are just. plain. cool. I need to get my butt going and start on a first year book for my babe!

  29. I absolutely adore this site and of course Artifact Uprising! Use them quite often for both personal work and Client gifts, can’t say enough good things about their products! Best St. Pattys Giveaway yet πŸ™‚

  30. I absolutely love AU and everything about their company! I’ve been working hard towards saving for our wedding album.

  31. I had a book of some of my 35mm work made through Artifact Uprising and I LOVE it. I’m about to move because I just got a new job (yay!) so having some prints for my new digs would be awesome! Such a great company!

  32. i love artifact uprising products and watching them in my instagram news feed! i would love to get one of the wooden boxes for my baby!

  33. To enter do we simply leave a comment?

    I love, love, love Artifact Uprising– have already ordered 2 books from them and a set of prints, and I keep wanting to order more. Thank you for the giveaway!

  34. From what I know of this company, I love their mission and their look. I ordered a photo book for a family member for Christmas but have yet to get myself any of their prints or other photo projects.

  35. Artifact Uprising is such a creative tool for memories and gifts! I plan to use AU to make a book from my 3 month stint in Nepal and other sweet memories.

  36. We love artifact uprising! I’ve convinced my newly wedded friends to get their albums through them, and I just had a calendar made too! Would love to print off other photos as gifts for friends and families, and to document our recent travels!

  37. I am planning to order three years’ worth of photo books from Artifact Uprising, but would love the motivation to get around to design them and order now!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. ahhhh i LOVE artifact uprising! i ordered a book for my husband for christmas from them, and we were blown away by how much we loved everything about it!
    i want to order books for our photography business, to show new clients and to give as gifts! plus i want to cover our home in their prints.

  39. Just recently got engaged to honestly the most beautiful human being. We are looking for a creative way to tell our friends and families and were thinking of using AU! This would be a perfect way to personalize such a special announcement!

  40. Ooooh! My kind of give-away…
    Love the books, the cards, the prints. Just can’t get enough. Sharing online is one thing, but handing a friend a little photo book or print is a whole other matter!

  41. I love artifact uprising and am planning to make some photo books for my daughter’s upcoming 1st birthday- but there are so many projects I want to do through them!! Too many great possibilities and too many photos to sort through with not enough time!

  42. Love, love, LOVE Artifact Uprising! Their product photography and styling is so inspiring. My family and I just moved alllllll the way from Seattle to Maine, and I’m dreaming of a wall of prints in my new studio. Contemplating a wall of Instagram prints arranged in a grid held up by washi tape. Would be so cute and simple!

  43. No, I don’t have an instagram. No, I don’t take a lot of photos. Yes, I mainly use my iPhone for a flash light. But this entry isn’t for me, it’s for my wife of one week and 2 days. She is an instagram FANATIC…77.3% of the time I can’t eat my food until she takes 8 photos of it, our trips are comprised of me slowing down on the side of the Texas ranch road so that she can capture the sunset or the random cow, I can’t walk across half the streets because I’m forced to stop for another picture, and for the love of goodness there better not be a cute baby or a puppy because nothing will stop her from snagging at least 5 photos of that puppy’s face or that baby’s cheeks. She has already made 2 of the photo books from this site which included moments she somehow captured while I was too busy asking her why she takes pictures of everything. Once I saw how she arranged the photos in the book, I instantly understood why she takes so many photos. The second book was ordered because her mom stole the first one…and to be completely honest, I guess this entry is for me too since we about to share the same bank account and I know she has a BILLION ideas of how she would use Artifact Uprising prints. Anyway, Happy St. Patty’s day. Cheers.

  44. loooove artifact uprising. (: the calendars are beautiful. I think it’d be fun to make a small book documenting my pregnancy when its over and definitely some prints of the little babe.

  45. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! What a fabulous company, I’m so looking forward to checking them out! Thanks for sharing <3

  46. Love artifact uprising! Just the excuse to get these photos into something tangible. Who knows what will happen as technology keeps advancing!!!

  47. I LOVE Artifact Uprising…working on my wedding album and can’t wait to see the finished product! Thanks for the great display ideas!

  48. So much fun. Making AI books for all the moms and dads in my family as surprise Mother’s & Father’s Day gifts. (just wish someone would make one for me πŸ™‚

  49. Love Artifact Uprising…I’ve just received my first two photo books, as well as a set of prints. Need to get going on creating baby photo books for each of my kids

  50. Love Artifact Uprising, especially their wood block prints! My Christmas gift this past year for my mom was one of their wood block sets, with old pictures of myself and my siblings growing up. She was crying the entire time as she looked through the photos πŸ™‚

  51. I love their calendars – and I wanted to make a set for my siblings this Christmas, but didn’t get to it in time. But their instagram prints are also so great.

  52. Now I have so many ideas for my May baby’s nursery! But I’d love this a lot for my son, he’s 4, and he’s the REAL photographer of the family. How lovely would it be for him to see his art all around in different forms. The possibilities and crafts for his pics would be endless.

  53. Great giveaway! I love this company. I’ve ordered three mini books already. Can’t wait to get started on some photo books for mother’s day!

  54. Oh… just ordered a huge photo book from Artifact Uprising! Would love the chance to order some more prints and books… and make a similar gallery wall. Thanks for the inspiration!

  55. absolutely LOVE Artifact Uprising! such darling ideas! i would love, love, love to make a gallery wall for my newborn’s nursery! i know i will be taking pictures like crazy, so what a fun way to display them! xo

  56. I have been married for a year on June and we haven’t even have our wedding pictured yet. I wanted to DIY it and make a photobook since it has alwats been our tradition comoile our yearly trips into photobooks. I chanced upon Artifact Uprising through Pinterest and I always wished to make one through them, I hope I win! $300 workth of photobooks is like a lot of books! lol!

  57. What a fantastic idea! And the Dignitet for hanging art work is simply brilliant! So looking into this! nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  58. I love Artifact Uprising! I’ve made Instagram photo books with them but would live to make some larger books of my little daughters if I won! πŸ™‚

  59. Artifact Uprising has been my favorite photo site these days! I’ve got a stack of square prints just printed that I’m working out a plan for. πŸ™‚

  60. Love Artifact Uprising! I have 5 weddings this year and would love to make some books and prints to give as gifts! πŸ™‚

  61. Oh my stars!! Yay…thanks for the chance to win! I’d love to share some of these prints with my bestie (she will be giving birth to her 2nd child this month!). πŸ™‚

  62. I love this, it would be fantastic for my daughters room or even the living-room, the walls are a little empty in this house. haha

  63. Bow chicka wow wow! Smallfry+Artifact Uprising are two of my faves. I’d love to win this fantastic giveaway and get all of those pics of my 3 yr old “off of my device and into my life”!

  64. I have been DYING to do a wall of Instatgram photos in my boys’ playroom! Love the Ikea hack! Instagram photos are way to special to be left in virtual world, and need displaying in the most fantastic way!

  65. What an awesome and cute way to decorate! My daughter loves taking photos and what a great way to decorate her room using her photos! Thanks for the inspiration

  66. I love this project! I love to order from them, they are a amazing company with great products and they care for the environmet this was the key that caught my attention.

  67. Oh I need this right now! Thanks for alerting us to this shop, I’m def. considering them for our next print order!

  68. I have been liking for a way and a spot in our house to display my favorite Instagram pics. Thanks for the ideas!

  69. Oooh, I love the instagrams hanging in the curtain rod!! We actually have that curtain rod from ikea, but we didn’t end up using since the curtain is so dang heavy. I’m totally going to use it for pictures now! πŸ™‚

  70. I would make photo book for loved ones who lives thousands of miles too far from us. Thanks for the giveaway and the ideas

  71. I could find so many ways to use this credit! I absolutely love artifact uprising! & I have some lovely prints I would love to order for others…my mom, in-laws and others…Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. We made Artifact Uprising photobooks to give to our parents for Christmas as wedding albums. They turned out gorgeous. AND, UA’s customer service is phenom. So, win win! I would love to be able to make more albums once our little babe is born!

  73. I love these books! I have been making one as a surprise for a friend of mine, I can’t wait to finish it up and give it to her! I would love to win, and print more of my photos. I love Artifact Uprisings motto of making the intangible tangible again.

    I hope you pick me!

  74. Such a great giveaway! We love love love artifact uprising & would…love to win this giveaway! So sweet of you guys.

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