Giant Popsicle Props

Photos by Jylare.

This craft is so easy it almost doesn’t even warrant it’s own post, but our launch party post was getting a little too packed! For our Summer-themed launch party with Albion Fit we quickly whipped up these oversized popsicles for the photobooth and they were a hit! If you’re interested here’s how we did it:

Oversized Foam Popsicle Prop

To make these all you need are:

popsicle supplies

Colorful foam sheets (we got the thicker of the two versions for this DIY), scissors, tongue depressors (found at the craft store) and hot glue!

All you do is stack two identical colored foam sheets on top of each other, and cut out the upside down “U” shape. You can also take bite marks out of the popsicle and we recommend drawing a cutting guide line for those, it’s trickier than it looks! Then, cover the stick on both sides (leaving about half glue-less for holding) and then sandwich the foam sheets on top of the stick and mirroring each other. Let it dry completely and you’re good to go!

Small Fry, Girls With Glasses Albion Suit Launch


Jenna: Top // Skirt // Bracelet

Nicole: Top // Jacket //  Pants

Emily: Top // Skirt // Shoes

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