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I am always thinking about my role as a mother. How it’s working, how I’m doing, how I can be approving, what’s next for me etc…One thing that has been etched in my mind these past two weeks is how truly unselfish the role of a mother is. I think about mom’s around the nation, the world, every day of my life. You’re plugging a long being superheroes while no one seems to notice or recognize. Sometimes I get frustrated that I can either be an AMAZING mom or a crappy one and there wouldn’t be a difference to anyone really. So the fact that I got my kids to the zoo, school, park, church etc… don’t really hold much more weight than if I let them watch TV all day. While I know that isn’t true it can certainly feel it at times. If you’re looking for validation in motherhood, there isn’t enough anyone could give you for what you truly deserve.  So while on most days this can be a thankless job, I want to thank four moms who aren’t in any public eye but just do a wonderful job regardless of who’s watching.

frydayRyan: My best friend since I was 12. This girl has moved her tiny family from South Carolina to France to Singapore and next to Korea all for her husband’s education and job. It hasn’t been easy but she has done it happily. Her children are well adjusted, excited, educated & loved all by her gentle, humerous & loving disposition.

Emily: I’ve never heard her complain a day in my life. Maybe about the fact that her diet coke was flat but NEVER about her children. She is patient to a point I hope to be & always puts those kids first. Her husband is gone a lot but yet she creates beautiful experiences for her babies to enjoy & cherish.

Jerai: Always and forever a hero of mine. Her son Brewer was born with a congenital heart defect & she faces it daily with courage and strength. Every day she does crafts & cooks with her boys, projects that never get pinned or instagrammed. They’re simply done with love & passion for her family.

Megan: In August she will graduate from nursing school at the age of 29. She put herself through school working a part time job, cleaning houses for a time & all while having two small children under 5. She is top of her class and sacrifices SO MUCH for her family. I can honestly say I couldn’t have done it.

Thanks for letting me give thanks to just a handful of the thousands of you who deserve all the thanks in the world. Happy FRYday.

xo- J


A few fun things to share today!

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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  • Rachel Kaylynn
    April 11, 2014 at 7:54 am

    What a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing about some the mom’s who inspire you.


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