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I feel so empowered lately by all my insanely healthy friends. It seems that most people around me are involved in some healthier lifestyle or another. I try and stay honest with myself, and admit I probably can’t give up the Snickers and Doritos. But, I do feel like all these friends seeing such incredible results in their skin, their energy, their clear minds and their overall happiness has really brought light to the idea of healthier living.


I feel like an fairly active person. Rarely do I take a break in the day from chasing my two toddlers. I think as a mom, we all feel this way. Rarely do I feel the need, or have the energy to go run a mile or two. Although, lately, I have felt more inclined to take a walk with my kids, choose the stairs over an elevator, or walk to church rather than drive. I’ve felt it easier to choose a water over the usual diet coke at meal time. All of this, just being surrounded by people who have chosen (and are real, real strict) about living and eating in a healthier way.
Emily and Jenna (and Kelsey and Kayti and so many of my closest friends) are head strong on the Whole 30 wagon. I have been so beyond impressed with the transformations in their skin, their energy, their bodies and really their overall happiness and confidence. We often joke that I am too afraid of Whole 30, so I’m going to give Whole 3 or 4 a shot. That I could do! But in reality (cause eating whole for even a whole day would be a major feat for this junkie) just being around these motivated humans, making such incredible changes in their lives has been a game changer for me. I feel like I’m on top of the world just making one or two healthier choices a day.
Im SO lucky to have these motivators around me. I hope their strength and courage continue to rub off on me. Maybe one day, I’ll have a whole day. Why not? Why not tomorrow? Wish me luck, and if you see me with Doritos, don’t tell anyone.



Last Summer we were so honored to be filmed for Christopher Wiegand’s documentary “American Blogger” he traveled over 40 states and tens of thousands of miles filming women with blogs across the U.S. The film is now available for purchase and it is so touching. Grab a tissue! It really brings to light the human story of pain and triumph that unites us all. Check it out! You’ll see us a few times throughout. You can download it here.

American Blogger - The First Journey Poster

Lastly, we are gearing up for our 2nd Annual Adoption Week in a couple of weeks and wanted to let anyone who might be interested in participating know! We are looking for stories of birth parents, adoptive parents and families, parents hoping to adopt and anything in between. You can see all the posts from last year to get an idea of what we like to include right here. Email us at hello at smallfryblog dot com if you’d like to submit or have any questions!


  1. Tara:
    on April 25, 2014 at 11:21 am said:

    Nicole, can you please tell me what color bugaboo breezy sun canopy you have? We need one but shopping online and doing color comparisons is not easy!

  2. on April 25, 2014 at 5:18 pm said:

    Whenever I try to go too extreme with eating I end up rebelling and overdoing the unhealhty stuff. My motto right now is “just put more good in”… instead of focusing on all the stuff I can’t eat, I am simply trying to add some healthy stuff in each day..much less overwhelming and still very conducive to my occasional OD on milk duds (I say “occasional” very loosely)

  3. on April 25, 2014 at 7:37 pm said:

    I just finished the American Blogger and just wanted to tell you I loved your part. Your blog and insta is so fun to follow. Thanks for sharing!

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