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If you’ve been following me on Instagram you know I’ve started a little place for my cooking called @jennaskitchen. It’s been such a fun space for me to share my journey through two Whole30 programs and recipes that I enjoy making! In the process I started a collaboration with Melanie Burk who took something I said on Instagram and made it in to a beautiful piece of art. I love it. And the more I read it the more I truly understand how much this journey has impacted my life. i can not control

The last five weeks have truly been the most difficult of my life. Oh wait just kidding, the last year! I’ve been a single mom these last five weeks while my husband is out of town working (hats off to all you permanently single moms you are my HERO) & it’s truly left me feeling so vulnerable & alone. And as much as I want to have ANOTHER pity party on here, I’ll save you and myself from the agony. Let’s just say this year keeps dishing out all sorts of obstacles, trials and frustrations which had let me to a very destructive relationship with food. I used it to be happy, used it to be sad and used it and abused it for every other excuse in the book until I was sluggish, self loathing and depressed by how far I had lost my former healthy life! I decided to gain back control of this area of my life at a time when I can’t seem to control much else. This idea that I have one thing in my day that I manage, that is just my very own and that in turn makes me feel awesome, really has carried me through!

success with Whole30

I like to share with people that I am not naturally thin. It takes a TON of work for me to be healthy & fit. I can’t eat anything I want & when I do, I look like the left picture (a few months after I had my second son.) I can go on and on about healthy foods and how crucial they are to our lifestyle, health and well-being, but let me just report that the affects go way beyond pounds lost. What you gain is far more then what you lose in the game of wholesome eating. So with this growing community on Instagram having a desire to eat clean & gain a healthy lifestyle, we are asking you readers if you would be interested in having more healthy posts here! Perhaps on a separate page…or even an email subscription list with recipes & workouts for busy women. Let us know your thoughts!

Happy Fryday!

xo- J


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20 thoughts on “FRYday: Jenna”

  1. I think more posts on healthy food and work outs would be great. It is something we all struggle with and the inspiration and encouragement makes all the difference in the world. Congratulations on your success!

  2. Yes! Healthy lifestyle posts are very much appreciated!

    I started following your original journey with your first whole 30 on insta and it inspired me to do one. Noticed immediate drop in bloating and ride in energy levels. Though I never read the book, so I sort of added a few things back in after the whole 30 was over here and there and am already hating how they make me feel I finally purchased It starts with food and am ready to take on another challenge equipped with all the knowledge to help endure the tough days. Thank you so much for your inspiration and for sharing your journey with us!

  3. Yes yes and yes! I love the idea of whole 30 so much, but having an eating disorder background makes me nervous to commit to something that includes restrictions. It makes me feel fragile just thinking about it. I hadn’t had a chance to look into your story Jenna, so this puts my heart at peace a bit more know how great it was for you. If you’re able to weigh in with your through or experience with women doing while 30 post ED recovery it’d mean a lot to me. ❤️

  4. 100% yes about healthy posts and/or a newsletter. My pregnancy was very stressful (husband was laid off twice!) and I totally used food to cope. Making strides each month (6 months pp) and am always looking for ideas and inspiration. I actually found your blog via Instagram while looking for real-life interpretations of #whole30.

  5. Jenna- you we’re THE first whole 30 instagrammer I found (I mean, aside from the official whole 30 account) and have been a RIDICULOUS source of good information from recipes, to other whole30ers, and just plain old inspiration. I’m not a regular in the blog world, but if you started posting whole eating “stuff” here, I would totally pop over on the regular. you’re a gem. keep on keeping on! <3 @lauraangert

  6. I would love to see more healthy posts here. I’m a busy fulltime working mom and student whose gained quite a bit of weight. I’ve always used food as my crutch. A little inspiration and encouragement would be wonderful!

  7. Hi Jenna! I have been a big fan of Small Fry… and have watched your journey on @jennaskitchen from the beginning! I had been planning on doing the Whole30 back in January, but was then hospitalized for dehydration and a kidney stone. I clearly wasn’t focusing on myself. I cut gluten at that point {for other reasons}, and then waited until after a recent trip to Maui to get started with the Whole30. I’m on day 26! It has been a struggle because I’m definitely one of those addicted to sugar! Not to mention, I have a super fit firefighter husband {who works out a ton and can eat anything}… and four young children. I’m considering doing another round after witnessing your success! I will say… I check your IG account daily, as well as the #jennawhole30 for tasty recipes and motivation! Thank you for being so open with this community… and such a positive inspiration! You are changing the lives of many for the better! With that said… I would love to see healthy recipe ideas on Small Fry! You ladies have created such a lovely space here! xo, Sara

  8. I would love love love the idea of having an email of recipes and workouts! I don’t know where to start and this seems like a great fit!

  9. Yes please! I am trying to make the change to clean eating but it is a challenge with children around because the junk is so much easier to pick up.

  10. I’d love more posts about healthy eating. I’ve been loving following along with Jenna on instagram and would appreciate even more helpful, healthy stuff!

  11. I would love more posts and emails from you. I follow you on Instagram and you are one of the reasons why I decided to venture in this whole30 challenge. I’m on day 19 and I haven’t looked or felt this good in years. You inspire and give people hope. Keep doing what you are doing.

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