Kid Quote Tote

Our next DIY in our string of Mother’s Day ideas is this Kid Quote Tote! Things our kids say that make us cry, laugh, or laugh until we cry. Next time you hear one, jot it down and then you can whip out this tote in a few minutes using the Cricut Explore. Don’t have one yet? You still have one more day to enter to win your own Explore, plus $1700 more in goods, right here. But, back to the tote! This quote comes from young Dash, who melts hearts on the daily with this phrase.

Kid Quote Tote for Mother's Day!

Here’s how you’ll do it:

– Grab a tote (you can buy one at any craft store!) and iron out all the creases.

– Then upload this project onto your Cricut Explore and cut it onto Cricut’s Iron-On (it will guide you how to insert it, but face-down, and click the mirror image button)

-Once it’s cut, weed out the middles leaving the conversation bubble and empty letters.

– Place the image on your tote, then using a super hot iron, seal it to the fabric. This takes a few minutes so keep at it if any of the edges peel up at all.

Kid Quote Steps

Then once its firmly secured, you’re ready to go! This would make the best gift for a mom, grandma, or friend. With the Cricut Explore it is easy as can be and you can edit and put in new quotes for everyone on your list!

Kid Quote Tote for Mother's Day!

We debated on a couple quote ideas for this one. How about when Hayes was trying to butter mom up for a popsicle and said “Mom, you’re looking really like Elsa today!” or Quinn’s latest tear- jerker “I’ve always wanted to be in a family!”

Kid Quote Tote for Mother's Day!

What would you put on your tote?


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