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The weather has been switching off from freezing and rainy to sunshine and warmth. We can’t really keep tabs on it, so we’ve been running out to our front yards for some rays to only quickly scoop everything back up to go back inside while it downpours. It’s thrilling! We shared the steps to making this hand painted quilt below this post here, but took it out for a spin for some beauty shots before, you guessed it, we got rained out!
Picnic Blanket DIY

Tiny Toast Pillow

Sleepy bubble pillow via Tiny Toast //  Floral top via Joules

Joules Summer Line

Striped Wellibobs (best name!) via Joules

Picnic Blanket DIY

Reading: Flo & WendellMadeline and the Old House in ParisThomas Jefferson: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of EverythingThe Nine Lives of Alexander Baddenfield

Park Blanket with Joules

We love the Joules boots for kids (see our fishing adventure from last Summer!), so we were extra excited to try out the adult’s line of boots and their super great pieces for women too! Here are some of our favorites:

Favorite Joules

Indigo Stripe Tunic with Beaded Neckline //  Dog Print Poncho for girls // Blue Floral Welly // Boys Shorts // Taupe Dress for women // Green Stripe Jr Welly

Blanket DIY steps right here.


  • Sammi @Sammi Sunshine
    May 13, 2014 at 12:59 pm

    That is how it is in Kansas City! Last week I could barely stand the heat, now today I had to turn the heater on for a few minutes to warm up! It’s crazy 🙂

    Sammi Sunshine
    A Food Blog

  • Sheena
    May 13, 2014 at 2:27 pm

    What an adorable blanket but those boots are to die for! Hope you had an amazing mothers day. xo

  • Monica
    May 14, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    Oh I am inspired! 😉 Even though I live in Hawaii, I am embarrassed to admit that I don’t often think of taking books outside to read with my little guy. I need to do a lot more of that!
    And love the quilt DIY. It is super cute!


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