Monster Puppets [Giveaway!]

Our Paper Bag Puppets have been such a hit with the boys and their friends, we had to add to the collection, so today we’re sharing these awesome Monster Puppets! We put these together with Astrobrights awesome line of paper and they’re giving away stacks of their vibrant paper in 26 different colors. Basically you’ll never have to buy paper again, amazing!

Monster Puppets

Quinn’s Vest // Dash’s Tee

Last time we used standard brown lunch sacks which are great, but couldn’t really stand up to our boys’ vigorous play, so for these we upgraded to a small brown paper gift bag! It is made out of really thick craft paper and has yet to rip or tear. It’s definitely a worthy upgrade.

Monster PuppetsWe use these Astrobrights colors literally everyday for something or other. Crafting, gifts, projects, it’s been so nice having such an expansive collection on hand (we’ve been known to hit the craft store multiple times a week just for a new must-have color of paper, have we lost it?)

Monster Puppets

So you awesome crafty friends, let’s get you the chance to win your own giant collection for your own stash. Stacks of paper this size are usually at least $5 so you’ll be getting $130+ worth of paper! Just to make it extra interesting Astrobrights is throwing in another $50 gift card to Office Depot which has the most extensive Astrobrights selection.

Astrobrights Paper


Ready to Colorize your world? Enter below, and good luck!!

Clothing for today’s post provided by Good Boy Friday!



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42 thoughts on “Monster Puppets [Giveaway!]”

  1. Lovin the puppet monsters, I will have to make some with my little monster man! My fav color will always be yellow)

  2. I love astrobrights paper! It is the ONLY kind of high quality paper I use:) My favorite is the bright yellow!

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