DIY threading cards

Threading cards are such an awesome playtime activity to help sharpen hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills! We haven’t seen many around that we love – save maybe this MoMA Modern Shapes set or these Eric Carle illustrations. So, per usual, let’s just make our own shall we? Here’s how you’ll do it:

Threading Cards DIYGrab the Small Fry DIY MVP material of the year: craft foam sheets! And also, bright string and a 1/8 Inch Circle Punch.

Threading Cards DIY

Then you simply cut out the shape you want out of the foam and use your hole punch to create the patterns. We suggest marking the dots with pencil beforehand because it’s really hard to punch a straight line, at least for one of us.

Threading Cards DIY

Geometric, personalized, intricate or simple, it’s all up to you! We take these to dinners-out, church and long car rides, and our four and five year old boys love them!

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