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Now that school is out we’re excited to take some family vacations! Traveling with kids is a completely different animal and should probably not be called a vacation, maybe just classified as a trip! It’s a lot of work, but something we each feel is so important. They don’t have to be extravagant or expensive or far away, but having that quality time taking in a new environment and new experiences is a fond memory we each had as kids and want to pass it onto the boys! Here’s some things we’ve found for traveling with them that have helped ease the load:essential items for your child's traveling!

1. This Melissa & Doug Trunkiis amazing! It is a suitcase on wheels so it makes carting it through the airport a breeze, but it gets better! There’s a perfectly molded seat and leash so your kids can sit on the suit case and you can pull them through the airport when they get tired. GENIUS! $30

2. The Safe Sippyis a must-have for traveling. It’s hard enough to keep hydrated in the warmer temperatures as it is, but being away from home and familiar stops makes it even harder. This one has either a straw or sippy so it’s great for any age, and is no-spill which is vital for road-trips! $15

3. When Will We Get There? Speaking of road-trips or long flights… This book is filled with travel appropriate games and activities. Keep them busy and hopefully avoid the “Are we there yet?” question. $4

4. LilGadgets Wireless Headphonesare another must. Each kid having their own headphones means not annoying other passengers, you can listen to that audiobook, and these headphones are wireless so no hassle, no tangling, no losing cords! $49.95

5. This Skip Hop Packis so darling, and having a suit case of their own to pack with whatever they want to bring along helps get them excited and also feel more comfortable and in control. It also has a removable leash so you can keep track of the runners in your life. An absolute must for a couple guys over here – cough – Sunny and Cal. $16

6. LunchSkins Reusable Sandwich Bagis great for packing lunches on-the-go. These can be tossed in the dishwasher, are waterproof, and if everyone has their own sack it’s easier to keep track of who’s eating what. These are also just about the right size for wet kids clothing, which is nice to have somewhere to store that doesn’t get EVERYTHING else wet. $22 for 3

7. Honest’s 2 Ounce Hand Sanitizer is vital for travel, especially air travel. It is TSA-approved and chemical free. $5.95

8. Packing a toy your kids love is vital for travel. Also, packing something brand new that they’ve never played with is just as vital. Wrap small surprises to open when they get restless! These Olliblocks are not only for building towers, but they’re great for imaginative play and story-telling. If you have limited space in your carry-on get the most bang for you buck you can! These are great for boys or girls and that makes them the perfect choice! $12

9. Bringing gum for kids on flights has saved us. When pressure changes and little ones can’t clear their ears (it’s even hard as an adult!) having gum to chew and keep that jaw moving helps so much! Grab Dubble Bubble Gumor if they like that minty flavor, peppermint gum will help with nausea, too! $2

10. iGuy iPad Caseis awesome! It stands on its own and it’s soft foam so it’s nice and comfortable for little hands. Not to mention it’s a protective case, which is a non-negotiable. $32

Are you heading anywhere with your family this Summer? Check out our family-friendly city tours! If we haven’t featured your city yet, let us know in the comments and we’ll get right on it!

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  • Alexis
    May 21, 2014 at 7:57 am

    Austin is such an awesome city with so many fun family friendly activities and events! My 3 boys and I love exploring our city 🙂 you should feature austin!

  • Brittney
    May 21, 2014 at 2:43 pm

    Cute stuff! We might have to pick up some Ollie Blocks. I just got back from traveling with both babes solo. I do have to say, I saw a fellow mama in the airport just struggling with pulling that suitcase. She was wearing her other baby so that might have been too much. Poor thing!


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