FRYday: Nicole

As mothers we relish in the nurturing and caring for our children. It is fulfilling and time consuming and fills us with a sense of completion at the end of each day. I’m sure none of us could have imagined the joy it would bring. This doesn’t mean we all go to bed feeling like the perfect mother. DAYI know none us feel like perfect mothers, and always feel like we are falling short. However we all want to be, so we dive into motherhood head first and before we know it we have forgotten about ourselves. There just isn’t time for “me”. I’ve said these words a million times over the last 5 years. After caring for our sweet children and facing all of the other curve-balls life throws at us, its really, REALLY hard to find time to think about what we, as women, need. For the first time in YEARS and years, I’m taking this seriously. I’m finding the time. This doesn’t need to mean depriving your children of your time. But setting them up with some play dough and giving your self an at home manicure (using this tutorial and loving it!)

I’ve never taken care of my body or what I put in it. I feed my kids fairly healthy food, but continuously skipped myself and filled up on some Doritos.
I’ve never thought about putting any thought in to my skin, or the health of my hair. Things that as women can really add to or subtract from our self-confidence. The rest of the house was typically clean-ish, but my bedroom always took the back seat.
I’ve learned that these simple things were taking such a toll on me. On ME. They may not be the things that you need to feel taken care of. But I’m sure there are things that everyone needs and wants and because of your motherly-selflessness, you aren’t getting it.
It takes slightly more energy, and sometimes means getting 5 minutes less sleep so I can make my bed before hopping into it and get some lotion on my legs. But in the larger scheme of things, these little things I can fit in for myself have improved the quality of life for me and for my sweet children. Go for it, guys! Find the time, and have a great weekend!


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