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Calling all Boon lovers! The Boon FLAIR high chair just launched in 8 different colors combinations exclusively on Amazon.com! We took it for a whirl snacking on our favorite shelf-stable goods from Thrive! Ready to check it all out?Boon FLAIR

We picked the white base chair – which is all one piece. Super easy to clean and there’s a button at the base so you can easily use your foot to raise or lower depending on what surface you’re eating together at (just like a salon chair!) Then we picked a coordinating color – orange! Boon FLAIRThere are lots of colors to choose from with their 8 combos– blue, green, orange or pink seat pad with a coordinating or contrasting tray liner! Impressive line-up, right?

Boon Flair

The seat pad not only makes the chair more comfortable but gives it that modern pop of color that we love so much from Boon. They truly have nailed it with color options, and their feeding, bathing, nursery and accessory lines all coordinate! No matter what stage you’re in whether it’s infancy, toddler or big kids or a combination of all three, Boon’s products grow with you!Boon FLAIR

Snack time is simply a breeze when you have all these well-thought out designs! We tested out ThriveChic’s awesome baby snack recipes for this and she’s letting us share her Raspberry Apple Sauce recipe! (Find it at the bottom of this post!)

Raspberry Applesauce

1 cup of Apple Sauce Granules from Thrive
1/4 cup Raspberries
 2 1/2 cups hot water and blend for 30 secs to 1 min.

Find a bunch more ideas and ways to work in healthy freeze-dried foods into your child’s favorite meals at Thrive Chic’s YouTube channel and Facebook page – they’re both awesome resources for healthy eating for the littlest Small Fries!

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