An Adoption Story: The Nanney Family

I don’t even know where to begin; our adoption story has been a long journey and it has all melted together in such a tender way.  My husband, Brandon, and I were married for several years before we felt that it was time to add a little bundle of joy to our family.  We struggled with infertility for years.  It was a very challenging time for us as a couple.  We wrestled with thoughts of adoption, but after the help of a fertility specialist, we were pregnant!  After a healthy, happy pregnancy, our daughter, Chloe, was born.adoption1  We found such joy in parenthood, and I was truly overwhelmed by how much I loved our new tiny miss.  Two years later, we were very pleasantly surprised to discover that I was pregnant again!  It was an amazing treat for our family, and when we learned we were expecting a boy, we were ecstatic!  It felt like my fairy tale family was just falling into place.  When I was 28 weeks along, I developed severe pre-eclampsia.  After a very scary night in the hospital, I had an emergency C-section.  Our tiny son, Talon, was born very prematurely, and he was fighting for his life.  We treasured our time in the NICU with our little Talon.  On the 16th day of his life, Talon was diagnosed with Necrotizing Enterocolotis, a very aggressive, damaging disease that essentially causes the intestines to die.  Talon was life flighted to Primary Children’s Medical Center where he underwent emergency surgery, but there was nothing that the surgeons could do to preserve our Talon’s life.  That afternoon, we held our sweet son as he passed away.  I was utterly devastated and completely heartbroken.  Our world was a blur of overwhelming sorrow for a while, and we still miss our darling son immensely.  Shortly after Talon died, my husband gingerly brought up adoption, and it just felt so right; we just knew it was what we needed to pursue.

Several months later, we received a call from our adoption agency about a birth-mom that was to have a baby boy in just over a week.  It was an unusual situation.  The birth-mom had previously selected two different families to place her baby with, but both families had backed out.  That still just blows my mind!  The first conversation we had with our birth-mom went so perfectly.  She was so nervous that we would turn our backs on her, and that the adoption plan she had prepared for her baby would not happen.  We assured her that we wanted nothing more than to provide the home that she wanted for her baby, that our hearts ached to be his mom and dad.  Just over a week later, we were meeting the most amazing birth-mom in the hospital as she prepared to deliver our son.  Call it fate, karma, destiny, divine intervention or whatever you will, but our sweet adopted son, Hayden, was born one year and one week after Talon was born.  Our boys share a “birthday week” that we celebrate with a “boys of fall” week long party.  Hayden’s birth was so sweet, so very special.  His birth-mom shared his birth with us and allowed us to be in the room with her when he was born.  She had meticulously planned out details that would allow us to be a key part of his birth.  After Hayden was born, the nurses swept him into a neighboring hospital room.  I just sat there, staring at him, and entirely overwhelmed with love and gratitude.  Hayden has been a ray of pure sunshine in our life and in our family.  He is a beautiful, silly, rambunctious little dude, and I couldn’t be more thankful to be his mom.  Adoption has been a miracle and a gift for my husband and me.  We often have people tell us that Hayden is “lucky” to be with us, but I believe that we are the lucky ones.  We were blessed by a truly outstanding woman who chose adoption for our son.  I will be forever and ever grateful for her and for the opportunity she has given me to be Hayden’s mom.  We have three little miracle kids; Chloe was our infertility miracle, Talon’s short little life was a miracle, and Hayden is our adoption miracle.  I am one very lucky mom!


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