Hoping to Adopt: Kate and Landon

Dear Birth Mom,

I’ve thought about this letter for what feels like forever. This whole thing: adoption, a baby, you, are on my mind often and words can’t really express how deep and intricate my feelings are, but I’m going to try. I can’t imagine being where you are, this choice you’re making is heavy and real. I hope and pray that you’ll find calm and comfort, I know that even when you do, this will still be really hard.Kate and Landon

I have wanted to be a mother my whole life, really. The heartache I’ve felt losing pregnancies and trying again and again have a tight grip on my heart. But, the hope and surety I’ve felt as we’ve pursed adoption has helped heal my heart. I know there is a special spirit that is meant to be in our home. I know that we’re going to meet that spirit through adoption and that is a wonderful, beautiful, miraculous thing! And that will all happen because of you.

I hope you found me, us, for a specific reason. I know a lot of people will read this but I hope you find it. You, a beautiful, selfless person who knows we are the right ones and we can figure all of this out together. I hope you find us soon.

Sending all my love,


“whatever our souls are made of, yours and mine are the same.”

17 thoughts on “Hoping to Adopt: Kate and Landon”

  1. I new Kate in high school she has always been so fun and living and caring of everyone always wanting people to smile . She will make a great mom who will make sure that kid or kids are cared for and loved unconditionally

  2. Thank you, Small Fry for talking about adoption! It’s been sweet and tender to read all these entries.

    This couple amazes me. They are brave, funny, kind and good. Can’t wait for them to grow their family!

  3. Words can’t express how awesome this couple is! Fun-loving, creative, kind, light-hearted, and totally grounded. I can’t wait to see them as parents! Kate was born to be a momma!❤️

  4. There is not a woman out there who will make a more lovely momma. This woman loves selflesslessly and will be the most creative and kind person to raise a child. She is ready for this. All my love Kate. Jennie moss

  5. Ever since I was young, I recognized qualities in Kate that set her apart. Now that I’m older, I have recongized those qualities as characteristics of a Mother. Kate and Landon deserve someone to pass their overwhelming amounts of love on to. They truly were meant to be parents!

  6. I have known Kate and her family for several years and they are all wonderful people. What a blessing for a child to grow up in this loving family!!

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