A Birth Mother and Adoption Story: Katie

My journey starts back when I was 17 years old, a senior in high school.  I had a long term relationship that was not the healthiest.  One that I could never find myself escaping.  There were always threats made to me about ” If I left, this is what would happen”.  No need for details there. I came to the point that I realized that my life and happiness was more important then any threat so I removed myself from the relationship.  Then wouldn’t you know,  I found myself pregnant.
Telling my parents was one of the hardest things I have ever done but the support I ended up with from them was amazing.  They talked to me a lot about parenting and the responsibilities and also brought up adoption.  With the history of the relationship, adoption started to be something that became more and more of an option to me.  After working with an adoption agency I was able to pick wonderful parents to raise my child!birth

 My son was born January 16th, 1996.  Our adoption is semi-open.  For the first year of his life I received pictures every month and after that they were given to me when I requested.  I was even blessed with the opportunity of meeting him when he was 2!  Placing him for adoption was the best option for me and I have no regrets.  He has been blessed with such a wonderful life and I thank god for the people who have given him that!
18 years later I find myself in the adoption journey again!  My husband and I found out that having children biologically was not going to happen for us.  One would maybe have regrets from the past or find themselves sad because of this.  My immediate thought was ADOPTION! I had a feeling that told me that adoption must be a big part of my life.  Why else would god be giving us this opportunity, right?!?  We felt that years ago I had given the gift of life to someone in need and now it’s our turn to receive this same gift!
We started the process right away.  We were picked by a birth-mother in April of last year and our baby was due to arrive in October.  The process was amazing with constant contact with the birth mom and even getting the chance to meet her.  Things took a turn one week before she was due to have a baby girl and she changed her mind!  Of course, with my history,  I could never hold this against her.  It is ultimately her choice.  I wished her the best of luck and love and we moved on.  We then found out in January that we were picked again,  Birth mom being due in April.  We did have phone contact with her but kept a little distance this time around.  April 5th arrived and we got the phone call that our daughter was born!  This led into a LONG nine hour drive to see our daughter and kiss her beautiful face! 
My husband and I are now enjoying the lives of parenthood and are so in love with Olivia!
I hope my story may provide some inspiration to others out there, adoption is a blessing!


  1. julie:
    on June 2, 2014 at 10:57 am said:

    I am one of Katie and Jason’s aunts, and of course Great Auntie to Olivia. Our family watched with love and admiration as Katie became a “birth mother” and so unselfishly provided her son with a wonderful life with a family whom she chose. As Katie’s life journey continued, she was always so willing to share with others her experience of being pregnant and making the decision that was right for her, talking very openly about adoption. Now Katie has experienced being on the other end of adoption. God bless those women like Katie who have given both parents and children lives filled with love.

  2. leilei:
    on October 20, 2014 at 12:01 pm said:

    beautifully said. Thank you for sharing!

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