coaster for dad’s day

Did Father’s Day totally skip your mind, or is it just us? We had Father’s Day posts scheduled into next week when we finally realized, it’s THIS Sunday. Oops! We love to give a mixture of handmade and heartfelt gifts from the boys as well as something nice, we actually shared our “nice” picks over at Honey We’re Home if you’d like to see!

But, for the handmade, here’s one easy idea! All you need is some paint and some $.16 cent white tiles from Home Depot. Yep, sixteen cents.

Coaster for Dad's DayJust let your littles run wild with some paint, tape off designs (we’ve used that technique for large wall art too, that would make a fun gift!) and get their finger and hand prints to make it extra personal.Coaster for Dad's DayTo make them extra durable you can paint a clear coat of Polyurethane Clear Gloss. Then let them dry and send them on their way to that special dad’s office, favorite chair’s side-table or by his side of the bed.

Coaster for Dad's DayHere’s another free printable idea that would be a darling little installation of reasons they love their daddy-o for the big day, too!


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