flag towel DIY

Maybe the 4th of July has come and gone, but it’s one of our favorite holidays collectively, and the valley we live is the best celebration around. We couldn’t get enough of our painted patriotic wear from last year, so we kept the theme rolling for two more ideas to add to your 4th of July attire! (We’ll be wearing ours all month long!) The first is this distressed black and white flag towel DIY, here’s how you’ll do it:
Flag Towel DIY

Use that Frog Tape we love so much to tape off stripes and a box for your stars. Take your acrylic paint in red and blue or black as shown here, a foam brush, and start painting in between the tape markers. The cool thing about towels is depending on how many dabbing coats you do you can have a really bold vibrant hue, or you can go the distressed route, but dragging the paintbrush. Dabbing = vibrant, Dragging = distressed.

Then take a finer tip paint brush for the stars, using the same techniques above:

Flag Towel DIYThen let it dry completely, and hit the pool!

Flag Towel DIYWe shared the second idea over at the awesome Paging Supermom this week. It’s a simple dollar store trucker hat DIY – find it here!

Flag Hat DIY


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