Pantry Talk with Phil

We have such an amazing six weeks ahead of us and we’re so excited to share all about it! Just yesterday, Made to Matter, Handpicked by Target launched — it’s a collection of products: grocery, beauty and for home that they sell in their stores and online! All focused on healthier, more eco-friendly options for your family. The list of products is extensive and growing all the time, they are making it so easy! To help kick off this new venture, we are joining their charge to make healthier eating choices over on their Made Real & Tasty food section. To start, we are setting some goals for ourselves and to do so we jumped on a Skype call with Jenna in Virginia and Phil Anson in Colorado! Phil is the founder of Evol Foods and the perfect guy to help us set some individual goals!

Made-to-Matter Campaign Kick-Off

Phil shared with us his awesome story – basically falling into a multi-million dollar idea when he saw how grim the Frozen food aisle is and wanted to see a change. He created Evol Foods (love spelled backward!) and with it an amazing line of food with substantial protein and awesome ingredients. Truffle Mac & Cheese, a Kale, Tomato & Goat cheese breakfast sandwich, and Butternut Squash & Sage ravioli are just a few of their fan favorite items. Listening to Phil’s passion for picking high quality ingredients, even for frozen food. And only items that you can pronounce, which Jenna has been devoted to this year. Her goal is up first!

Made-to-Matter Campaign Kick-OffJENNA:

“I consider my family to be very healthy. We pride ourselves on sitting nightly at the dinner table, and cooking for my family has been a top priority for me! I love the way it feels to gather around the table, conversing over whole and home-cooked meals.

The struggle that I have is that while I feel I might have this process dialed in, it is still very time consuming. So that makes busy summer days and rushed school nights even busier by the fact that I feel I have no alternative but to make these somewhat time consuming healthy meals! What I want to gain from these next six weeks with Made to Matter, Handpicked by Target is the knowledge of what’s in the store that will work for my family and how we’ve grown accustomed to eating, that can make cooking at home quicker! I’m very conscious of reading labels and being aware and I’m glad to be working with these brands who have done a lot of the foot work for us in providing whole and clean ingredients in their products!”

Made-to-Matter Campaign Kick-Off


“We can’t even fake being healthy over here at our house. We LOVE potato chips and soda way too much. Really, it’s as bad as it sounds. I feel like I was on the verge of yelling “Help!” from my roof top when this project fell into our laps. What a perfect opportunity to completely turn my family’s eating habits around.

I think our unhealthy habits originate from being super on-the-go, always heading somewhere and typically spending the majority of the day out of our home. My first goal will be to begin each day with an at home breakfast! I think it’s a fair place to begin, and after time slowly incorporate another healthy meal of the day at home. I have my pantry stocked full and ready to knock this goal out of the park!”
Made-to-Matter Campaign Kick-Off
“I am somewhere in the middle of this Small Fry health spectrum. We eat really well at home: we have chickens roaming the yard and a big garden, and I am constantly plotting how I can get more fresh food into my boys. But, when we are in a rush, all bets are off. Convenience becomes the top priority, and as inhabitants of this Earth I think we can all agree, convenience does not usually equal healthy. My goal with this next six weeks is to swap out my less-healthy go-to quick snacks and meals for the Made to Matter, Handpicked by Target line-up. To plan ahead, look at my week in advance and see how I can better prepare for the events to come so I’m never left with only one option (we’ll miss you, drive-thru!)”

Made-to-Matter Campaign Kick-Off

Wish us luck! We’ll be updating you weekly on this project, and would love to have you all join us! Let us know what simple and attainable goals you have for your families, this is the perfect time to implement them before the back to school rush!

This post is sponsored by Target. The Made To Matter line has been handpicked by Target to bring you brands that make things better for your you, your family, and the place we all call home.

11 thoughts on “Pantry Talk with Phil”

  1. This is awesome! I need to find a better alternative for the drive through also. Excited to
    See what y’all do!

  2. Cool!! I’ve noticed target is stepping it up for sure. I love Emily’s idea of no drive through!! Genius. I’ll have to stop by target to get snacks.

  3. I just cleared my pantry of every sweet thing, every lame (white) grain, and I’m relying on the whole, fresh food I’ve freshly stocked to get me past the “convenience” food I may have otherwise turned to!

    Plus, it being summer – I’m having a hard time finding foods I’d rather eat other than fresh watermelon and white corn and all the goods from the garden!

  4. Just another reason I LOVE Target. How awesome! I’m totally going to do this with you guys! I have to hit target in the morn anyways so I’ll be sure to add these to my list. Thanks!

  5. Great post. This summer I’m going to focus on getting my family healthier. Thank you for the recommended brands. Helps a lot!

  6. Yes jenna! Time is the enemy…that and the fact there is no target here in the uk (small issue!!)I think price and time are where people fall short with what they feed their kids.but I truly feel if not buying all the processed stuff the cost thing almost balances out….there are times when you just want to know a bit of the leg work has been done for you….for the days when you want to be out with the kids all day but still feed them and not go against what you strongly believe in. The U.S are a million miles ahead of the uk in this sense….good meat, seasonings that enhance but are not full of junk and kids snacks that are not full of hidden scary things! Gx

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