your must haves for summer

MVPs of summer

Today’s post a is a reader request, we love getting these! We can’t believe Summer will be over this time next month, but we’re certain we’ll get lots of mileage out of all of these things! Picks for kids and for moms, coming right up! What would you add to these lists?


your must haves for summer

1. Jenna: My kids hardly get burnt, I am super diligent about sunscreen, but occasionally they get a little too much exposure. That can happen after 8 hours at the pool and park right?! This Sun Bum Cool Down is incredible. It instantly soothes their skin, cools them down and heals them almost instantly.

2. Jenna: We’ve loved these Nate Berkus for Target beach towels this Summer. No one likes a wimpy towel after getting out of the pool, not even my kiddos! It’s enormous and middle weight so it soaks up the water, gets them dry and keeps them cozy. It’s also great for laying out on the sidewalk and eating snacks and laying out on.

3. Nicole: Sometimes when the pool seems like too much work, I pull out this Melissa & Doug Sprinkler. My kids love and it and run through it for hours!

4. Emily: I have a few of these that I just keep in my trunk. They’re so great for virtually anything, a picnic, reserving seats at a parade, keeping clothes dry at the park when the grass is a little damp, or even putting down on my seat before soaking wet kids pile into the car. Ikea for the win!

5. Jenna: We’ve never owned floaties, I know that’s crazy, but generally I just like to be in the water with my kids. This Summer, I wasn’t feeling great so this Puddle Jumper quickly became a really great option for my two year old. I couldn’t believe how brave they made him! He’s since transitioned away from them, but they gave him such courage in the water and gave me that much needed peace of mind.

6. Emily: This is an age-old family secret, so it’s a big deal that I’m sharing it here! We all swear by Bull Frog  sunscreen. I have never had even the slightest sunburn after applying it! It is an absolute must for long days at Lake Powell, or the beach where the sun is extra brutal.

7. Nicole: Saltwaters! Aren’t they everyone’s summer staple? My kids never complain about discomfort like they do in all other sandals and they can get wet, no stress.

8. Emily: Hayes hit the age where he can finally handle flip-flops without the little elastic strap on his ankle. It has given us another layer of freedom this Summer! He slides them on and off no problem and having one less kid to wrestle into shoes when we’re in a rush is so great! I love Havaianas because the rubber is super soft as oppose to the cheap favorites (don’t worry we have a bunch of those too!) so they are extra comfortable.

9. Nicole: Kids size Nalgene! This is the FIRST summer my kids will drink water for me. And they drink it all day. Makes me feel a lot better about this 100 degree weather they play in! This sippy lid is great for them to handle without spills!

FOR MOMS:your must haves for summer

1. Nicole: CeraVe 50 SPF for faces is my number one pick because I’m obsessed with keeping the sun off my face! Now that I’m older and seeing the damage from all those years laying out, this is a must!

2. Jenna: My girlfriend Kayti gifted me this MAC lipstick in the color ‘Flamingo’ and it is my Summer jam! It’s the perfect punch of color. I don’t wear makeup to the pool but have this on hand for after — it’s killer with a Summer glow.

3 & 9. Nicole: Loose fitting pants have been a great addition to my Summer wardrobe! Jeans are too hot and sometimes skirts and dresses aren’t the best option! Both options Via JCrew and 40% off with “SALEFUN.”  Black Stripe // Blue Stripe

4. Emily: I am such a dry shampoo fan year ’round, but Alterna’s Coconut Mango smells so amazing, and just like a perfectly messy post-pool ‘do should in the Summertime!

5. Jenna: This Kevin Murphy Resort Spray stuff is a dream! And virtually the only hair product I’ve used this summer. I let my hair air dry, flip it upside down, spray this in and I get natural beachy waves, and my hair doesn’t have any curl to begin with! It’s fantastic and even smells like Summer. (See Jenna’s full hair tutorial here!)

6. Nicole: Moroccan Oil is another must for me in these extra dry desert Summer months. My hair is dry as a bone and this gives moisture without feeling greasy!

7. Emily: This Baby Lips in Peach Kiss has quickly become my favorite “nude” color for everyday use. I have more expensive versions that wear longer, but I love this for a quick dash of color. It looks so great with a Summer tan!

8. Emily: A good cover-up has been harder to find for me this year, and this Gap one definitely made the list! It is easily pulled-on and has pockets!

10. Jenna: These Old Navy sandals have been a staple for me this Summer. They go with me to the pool, chasing my kids and out with friends. The gold shimmering in the sun is my favorite, and the price is right!

Add your must-haves below!

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