Back to School Fashion Week: Picture Day!

Next up in our Back to School Fashion Week is our favorite finds for picture day! We did a little research across the web for the best Picture Day tips (at the bottom of this post!) and put them all together for you here! Whether you dress up or keep it casual, here are some great options that go along with what we’ve read!


Picture Day | Back to School Shopping

1. For a more formal picture try this white button down, with a extra comfortable knit blazer, and a classic striped tie!

2. Going the other direction with something extra casual (but still picture appropriate!) like this  Chambray Shirt with Polarn O Pyret’s perfect Striped long sleeve top as an undershirt! The stripe is wide enough to be photographed just right! Boys don’t get too many accessory options that are picture friendly, but we love this smart little Neff watch to add a little something extra!

3. For a middle of the road look we love a Short Sleeved Plaid button down with a contrasting pop of color underneath like this Simple pocket tee!

Picture Day | Back to School Shopping

1. For something colorful and cute we love the pattern mixing this dress and Polka Dot Headband combo create! Dress it up a little bit with this cute denim Moto Jacket!

2. For something a little bit more formal how cute is this (on sale!) chiffon jumper with the always beautiful Tipped Blazer and a pair of brown riding boots?

3. For something easy and comfortable with just a hint of interest, this Chambray Two Tone Dress is so great! Just top it with a sweet little Floral Headband and you’re set!

And now, here’s our Back to School Picture Day Tips!schoolpic


1. This is actually a fun little activity that illicits a lot of giggles out of everyone involved. Go in front of a large mirror and practice smiles. Kids are usually told to say “Cheese” which usually doesn’t form their best or most natural smile. So practice and once you find their best grin, point it out for them to practice!

2. Another good one to practice is good posture! This one is hard to remember as an adult even, but with some practice they’ll know exactly what the photographer means when they say “sit up straight!”


3. Wearing medium to dark colored tops look best with a typical school photo backdrop. If your school uses a light backdrop pastels and softer hues look best! Don’t be afraid of patterns and color, but bigger patterns (stripes, dots, prints) tend to photograph better than the small ones. It is also a lot less detracting when you’re not squinting to figure out what is on their shirt.

4. Avoid shirts with sayings, logos, and graphics because typically a school photo cuts off about mid to lower chest so you never know what of the image will actually make it into the photo!

5. Pack a lunch for them the day of that isn’t going to spill or get stuck in their teeth or stain their lips. Hopefully your school knows better than to have spaghetti and picture day collide, but might be safe to double check!

6. You’ll see in lots of our picks, but we like the tops to have a little bit of personality! They should compliment your kiddo and also be something that they’d actually wear and that fits their preferred style. As handsome as our boys look in a blazer, tie, and slicked back hair, it’s not exactly reflective of who they are at this stage of our lives! There’s always next year, though. 😉


7. Ignore the urge to get a fresh haircut right before pictures. That fresh cut look can be spotted a mile away! Schedule their cut about two weeks before pictures are scheduled so it has time to grow out a little bit and look more natural.

8. Pictures are usually around September and it’s still pretty hot, so make sure your kids aren’t out in the sun too long the week of.

9. If there’s a tool – brush, comb, spray – that will help freshen up your child before photos, pack it in their bag! Most teachers will help a little bit, or if they’re older, they usually know what to do without help!

Embrace It!

10. Sometimes its the imperfect photos that we love the most! Whether they’re smiling that goofy smile, or being all too serious, those are the photos that we’ll look back on and cherish, not necessarily the perfect ones.

Got any tips to add? Maybe a funny school picture story or two to share? Leave a comment below!


  1. on July 30, 2014 at 8:15 pm said:

    Great tips! I love seeing my kids’ school pictures – my son always has a goofy smile (that I LOVE!) and my daughter is always posing like a diva! lol!

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