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What age do you finally decide your kids are ready for more responsibility at home? It seems that at about four years old, they become really interested in acquiring new toys, special treats from the ice cream truck, etc. Which might also be the perfect time to implement small and easy jobs – not to take advantage of their wants and whims – but to instill a sense of privilege and earning special non-everyday things.

One thing we’ve noticed a hundred times over, and lots of times on accident, is that kids find these types of jobs really fun. They’ll see us cleaning something and ask to help, and we didn’t even realize it is totally something they can do and enjoy! We should’ve taken video footage of this sponge session, they were loving it! And cleaned Nicole’s whole kitchen floor while giggling and smiling together. So here’s huge list of easy cleaning jobs that they’ll smile all the way through!

Huge List of Easy Jobs Kids Love to Do!

Huge List of Easy Jobs Kids Love to Do!



1. & 2. Spray Bottle and Squeegee 

Clean windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces

3. Sponges 6. & 7. Brushes

Washing flat rugs with a toothbrush or dish brush.

Washing coutnertops, tile floors, and other surfaces that can handle extra water.

Take a dish brush or toothbrush to AC vents, baseboards

Giant sponge to clean outside the car, their bikes and scooters

Toss in well-loved plastic toys for a quick bath in the bucket

4. Handheld Broom & Dust-Pan

Sweeping is still a little hard at our boys’ ages but they love to dust pan up the piles!

Instead of asking them to pick up their legos or other scattered-everywhere types of toys, practicing with a hand-held broom and dustpan is a great option!

5. Q-Tips 

Kids love wielding tiny tools. Corners, vents, keyboards and more!

8. With a Paint Brush (and a close eye!)-

Touch up scuffs and chips on your patio or doors

Other –

Matching socks

Folding TowelsHuge List of Easy Jobs Kids Love to Do!

It seems that we’ve stumbled upon al these fun chores simply by doing them ourselves and asking if the boys want to join! We are constantly surprised by how much fun they have! Do you have any jobs to add to this list?


  • Meli
    August 7, 2014 at 10:02 pm

    Great ideas! Thank you for sharing!

  • Ariane Masson
    June 10, 2015 at 7:40 am

    Great ideas! My little girl is already interested of cleaning activities and she wants to help me when I start to clean. You’ve given great hints that will help me turn cleaning into a game for my girl. Thank you!


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